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Where are you all now?
Where our lives have taken us since the departure
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RE: Where are you all now?
I just had a dream about this place. I came back to find this, so first off I'm sorry I was a weird kid back in the day. Turns out all that pretending to be a girl was actually me being a sissy. Now I spend my days with trans girls on Discord and in the real life  playing games, sharing pp or socializing. (tmi?) I still do a lot of roleplay on VrChat and I have been slightly successful in my life but not as any of you. In the real life I just fix appliances and save my pennies for sports cars. I have moved on though from PSPs and joined the PC master race. RYZEN 7 3800x - RTX 2080ti come at me bro. I also don't go by 300nukez anymore since 2016 I've assumed the name of Miku. I even crossdress up as her so if y'all want to play some games and remember me. My discord is Miku#4401 I think I joined this place like 9 years ago but it's amazing how it kinda pops back into memory sometimes. Also I forgot my password to my old account so I had to make another especially because I don't remember my old email but uwu
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