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S7 Talks Anime
Talk About Anime!!
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forced consensual sex
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RE: S7* Talks Anime
Hi Sensei, how are you?

Just watched the remastered version of Belladonna after reading your post.

Loved it! The animation had a vintage psychedelic vibe to it which was great. Couldn't keep my eyes away from how beautiful the drawings were. The sexual innuendos weren't distasteful at least for me. The devil embodying the shape of a penis was a little silly in my eyes but after Belladonna getting raped I can understand why the animators gave the devil that shape.

I watched this film under the influence of marijuana which made it great but the one flashy scene with all that animation going about gave me seizures haha.

Overall a great film, if you have anymore like this please recommend me some. Thanks!
Watching Gankutsuou right literally as I am making this post haha. Looks good from the description.

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02/10/2016 08:53 PM
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RE: S7 Talks Anime
Hey Lunar! I'm doing good thanks. Between work and movies/TV/gaming the days fly by :p - you doing alright?

Glad to hear you checked out Belladonna!

Indeed, 'penis devil' was a bit silly - it got quite a few laughs at the screening I went to haha. Pretty sure the style of the film catches most people off guard - it certainly caught me off guard - but you soon get into its approach. Not to say it didn't escalate in ways that surprised me later on, mind ;)

I'm sure marijuana complemented the film - I'll have to re-watch it at home, toke en tow!

I can't really recommend anything similar right now - series 'Mononoke' might be worth checking out? ages since I saw it but memorably unique animation-wise - but it might be worth looking into the trilogy Belladonna belongs to - Animerama - with old and lesser known 'A Thousand and One Nights' and 'Cleopatra'.

How are you finding Gankutsuou?

From 5-16 October the London Film Festival has taken place, of which 'The Red Turtle' and 'Your Name' were a part of.

What was very cool about seeing them part of LFF was hearing from the director/writer of each film before and after the film along with audience Q&A - Michaël Dudok de Wit for 'The Red Turtle' and Makoto Shinkai for 'Your Name'.

I saw 'Your Name' yesterday and I was honestly a bit starstruck seeing and hearing from Makoto Shinkai, with 5 Centimeters per Second being one of my favourite films. He ended up sitting just a few seats away on the row just behind me! xD

It's the biggest budget he's had to work with so far but still very small compared to what the big animation studios in the US have to work with, nevertheless it's animated beautifully as expected, using a style similar to his previous works.

The story is essentially a body exchange tale, with a twist which I won't spoil, but it's got a great mixture of serious, emotional, and humorous moments and it does feel like a roller coaster ride thanks to its pace and does a great job of keeping you engaged, which was a problem with previous film Children Who Chase Lost Voices/Journey to Agartha.

It definitely has more mainstream appeal compared to his previous works and the inclusion of certain anime tropes and opening/bridging music sections may or may not appeal depending on your taste. Personally I prefer the slower approach in 5 Centimeters per Second and The Garden of Words as I think it lends more to Makoto Shinkai's style, but I feel like he will only get better with this style of film, which he's evidently already really good at.

The film is doing very, very well in Japan which is wonderful to see, and will be opening in UK cinemas 24th November. Unfortunately there are no signs for a US theatrical release as yet but its surprise domestic success will hopefully result in some kind of limited release in the near future. Wherever you are, if it's being shown try to go see it, it looked amazing on the big screen!

I'll try to see it again when it's released here as I really enjoyed it and want to take it all in again, like I did for The Tale of the Princess Kaguya!
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15/10/2016 07:25 AM
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