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Find the 500-550 CFW and Plugins here
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[500-550]Archived Threads
(L)CFW 6.39 ME 9.2

CFW HEN 620TN-E fix

aloader for 620TN

CFW550, CFW503hen and more
[550]cfw550GEN-d3 full

[550]Prometheus v5 and v6

[503]5.03GEN-B for HEN (needs the signed version update)

[503]ChickHEN Homebrew Enabler (Latest version: R2)

[503]Easy ChickHEN Custom Firmware installer (Without Pandora)

Plugins 500/550
[550]Dayviewer v7
by Total_Noob

[550]Recovery menu rev.140 (needs update)
credits go to Ceikor, -blue7, HacKmaN, Namenloser und Total_Noob

[550]Ultimate VSH-menu
by Total_Noob

easy-installer by Flofrucht

[550] Preview contents hider
made by Total_Noob

Make loads of $$!! it wurks!!
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Signed Homebrew by bsanehi & OMightyBuggy
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