[PSP] Simple Popstation GUI v3.00 beta
27/01/2007 02:36 AM Posted by: ZiNgA BuRgA in ZB's Programs & Stuff
Simple Popstation GUI (v3.00 beta) [Current Project]
  This program allows you to convert your PS1 games to a PSP compatible format (a GUI for popstation).  Also, there are MANY other features, including (but not limited to):
[Image: Scr_PsGUI_th.png]
  • PSX images and EBOOTs are FULLY customizable - from gameboot/warning picture customization to changing Game Save names
  • EBOOT patching is quite fast - no more PSP Brew
  • Conversion with a progress bar! (note, no progress bar when creating compressed EBOOTs)
  • Supports CUE and MDF, as well as standard popstation supported files (currently, no other popstation GUI does this)
  • Extract ISO from EBOOT - includes compressed EBOOTs and will also extract a CCD file
  • I've tried to make it easy to use :)  Also it's more visually appealing :P
  • ALL files are included - no more searching for elusive KEYS.BIN or BASE.PBP files
  • MANY other features - such as a Preview feature, EBOOT add/delete/extracting etc etc - see screenshot :)
[Image: Ico_DL.gif] DownloadDownload v3.00 beta (610KB)

NOTE: v3.00beta is for 3.03 OE-C and above.  Use v2.26 beta is for 3.03 OE-A, 3.03 OE-A' and 3.03 OE-B.  Use v1.26b for converting to 3.02 OE-B.
Download v2.26 beta (592KB) Filefront | Sendspace | Mediafire
Download v1.26b (782KB)
Mirrors: Filefront | Sendspace | Rapidshare
Note, this program was written in Visual Basic 6.  So if you have an older version of Windows (eg Windows 9x) you may need the Visual Basic Runtime Files for these programs to work.  Download it here (1,040 KB).
Older versions can be obtained here.

Other forum links: PSP-Hacks | MaxConsole
The Source code can be found here.

[Image: Ico_Log.gif] Changelog
Changes in v3.00 beta:
  • Moved to 3.03 OE-C's popstation (KEYS.BIN no longer required)
  • Fixed some bugs in v2.26 beta
  • Now will convert and resize images (accepts BMP, JPG, ICO/CUR, GIF, WMF, EMF)
    • PNGs will not be resized or modified at all
    • When centre-ing images, the image will have a black background - this is for the same reason as PNGs not being modified - I don't know how to save alpha
    • The program won't convert to PIC0.PNG (same reason as above - also, this is kinda useless considering that you can use PIC1.PNG instead)
    • No resampling is done during resize - so resized images may look, "stuffed" (I'm currently trying to implement resampling, but, unfortunately, VB is very slow, so an implementation of this will make conversion times very slightly longer)
Changes in v2.26 beta:
  • MDF support (note MDS is currently not supported, so TOC information is lost when using MDF)
  • Fixed the CCD extraction bug (should now work) and a few other things
  • Added theme support (you can now remove those "ghey colours")
  • Few other minor changes
Changes in v2.25 beta:
  • Updated the popstation to v1.24
  • Updated the Game ID list to the "proper" one
  • Added EBOOT recompression (which so many people want)
  • Now extracts CCD from EBOOT, when you extract an ISO (also possible to extract a TOC, you have to enable it in the INI)
  • Added more options
  • Can now preview the gameboot/warning PNG
  • Other minor bug fixes and interface changes
Changes in v2.21 beta:
  • EBOOT reconstructing is now implemented - meaning that you can now add larger images to already made EBOOTs
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Transfer to PSP after conversion option
  • Shows game region (useless IMO, but it does mean that my program has ALL the features of PSX2PSP now :P)
  • Interface cleanup
  • Now uses a "clean" BASE.PBP file

Changes in v2.20 beta:
  • Can extract compressed EBOOTs
  • PAL » NTSC enabled when making compressed EBOOT
  • Added Graphics fixing - thanks to mrdude from MaxConsole :)
  • Docmaker can now extract PNGs from DOCUMENT.DAT files
  • Includes newer popstation.exe - also removes cygwin DLL requirements :)
  • Interface change :P

Changes in v2.10 beta:
  • Now uses the newer popstation allowing CCD files to be used
  • My program also works with CUE files :)
  • Fixed ISO extraction problems

Changes in v2.01 beta:
  • Added a documentation generator

Changes in v2.00 beta: [Notes]
  • Support for the new 3.03 OE popstation
  • A few bug fixes from v1.26b, but since a lot has changed, some bugs may be introduced :/
  • Also see the Notes for more details.

Changes in v1.26:
  • Added an Options dialog
  • Will now search BIN and IMG files for Game ID
  • Interface changed a bit

Changes in v1.25:
  • Will now automatically set Game ID if an ISO is given
  • Will now automatically detect if the game is a multi-disc game, and fix it appropriately
  • Fixed a few minor bugs - also customisations from the PSXCust folder should now work
  • (forgot to mention before) PAL » NTSC patching now doesn't touch the PSX ISO file.

Changes in v1.24:
  • Mainly a few bug fixes and I've tried to make it consume less memory
  • Other minor changes

Changes in v1.23 beta: [Notes]
  • Added a PAL » NTSC fix (see notes for more detail)
  • The last file used is now saved.  Also an INI file is editable
  • Loads an image file from the command line argument - may be useful
  • Fixed a possible bug in v1.22

Changes in v1.22 beta:
  • Gameboot images are now customisable!
  • ISO extraction from EBOOTs a bit more reliable

Changes in v1.21 beta:
  • Mainly a few bug fixes and extra checks added
  • PSAR header is now not fixed at 0x50000 - should allow editing of offical PSX EBOOTs, however, since I don't have any, I can't test this

Changes in v1.20 beta: [Notes]
  • Files can now be deleted and extracted from EBOOTs
  • ISOs can be extracted from EBOOTs!
  • Game save name can now be edited
  • You can now preview EBOOTs and ISOs before converting/patching
  • Removed the DOS window - put a progress bar in its place :)
  • Titles automatically changed when you add an ISO - unfortunately I disabled automatically getting the Game ID becasue the lookup was tooooo sloowwww
  • Support for automatic customisation - image packs can be placed in the PSXCust folder - my program will automatically add the pictures there when you select the game from the list
  • Few other minor improvements

Changes in v1.10 beta: [Notes]
  • The BASE.PBP file is now generated, so you can add custom ICON1.PMF and SND0.AT3 files!  Please note that these files cannot be too big.
  • Can change the files within EBOOT.PBP files (ie change the ICON0.PNG)
  • EBOOT.PBP patching is now integrated into the main window
  • The Select game window is slightly improved - you can sorda search stuff now...
  • Minor GUI changes, bug fixes and more checks added

Changes in v1.05b:
  • Fixed two incorrect file offsets - hopefully this fixes the EBOOT.PBP Patcher problems... :/

Changes in v1.05:
  • Can now view EBOOT.PBP Game Title and Game ID
  • Fixed a possible bug when setting too short a Game ID
  • Removed all command-line switches (these are no longer needed)
  • Increased the max length of the Game Title to 128 characters - I'm not certain that this is the limit, but looking around multiple sources, it seems to be so
  • Decided to include an older version of cygwin1.dll to reduce the filesize

Changes in v1.04:
  • Added EBOOT patcher to patch already converted EBOOTs
  • Drag & drop files names are now checked - if the image is unsupported, the user is notified of the best action
  • "Note" text changed
  • Minor bug fixes
Changes in v1.03 beta:
  • Increased title length to 21 characters
  • Fixed the ms0:/PSP/GAME message
  • Moved the games list to a separate window - you can now enter custom IDs as well
  • Minor bug fixes and added a basic free space check
  • The popstation.exe patching is now fixed
Changes in v1.02 beta:
  • Now patches BASE.PBP - only works for the "small" one - this, along with the KEYS.BIN is also provided in the "full" download
Changes in v1.01 beta:
  • Added easier ICON0.PNG, PIC0.PNG and PIC1.PNG selecting
  • ^^Those can be drag & dropped as well
  • Fixed a minor bug
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 [PSP] PSPConv v1.0.2
27/01/2007 02:35 AM Posted by: ZiNgA BuRgA in ZB's Programs & Stuff
PSPConv (v1.0.2)
[Image: Scr_PConv_th.png]
  This program allows you to batch convert between all PSP ISO formats (ISO/CISO/DAX/JISO). It provides you with a powerful batch converter and allows you to tweak the settings of each individual file.  Here's some features
  • Powerful batch engine
  • Can customize settings for each individual file
  • Supports all formats
  • Supports all options
  • Easy to use and simple drag & drop interface
  • Can also transfer straight to the PSP
[Image: Ico_DL.gif] Download
Download v1.0.2 (519KB)
Note, this program was written in Visual Basic 6.  So if you have an older version of Windows (eg Windows 9x) you may need the Visual Basic Runtime Files for these programs to work.  Download it here (1,040 KB).
Older versions can be obtained here.

[Image: Ico_Log.gif] Changelog
Changes in v1.0.2:
  • Removed the need to restart when you change themes
  • Fixed a bug which caused the program to crash when minimizing the main window
Changes in v1.0.1:
  • Just added theme support
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 3.03 OE-C Out now!!!
25/01/2007 05:50 AM Posted by: ZiNgA BuRgA in PSP News
Quote:This is the 3.03 OE-C update.

It can be only installed as a full installation, due to some substantial changes in the bootstrap.
Both, update maker and the flasher work in 1.50, 2.71 SE (whatever version), and 3.02/3.03 OE (whatever version)

The instructions are as always:

  1. Copy oeupdmaker and oeupdmaker% to /PSP/GAME if you are in 1.50, or to /PSP/GAME150 if you are in
    2.71 SE, 3.02 OE or 3.03 OE. Copy also the 1.50 and 3.03 updaters with the names 150.PBP and 303.PBP.
  2. Execute the update maker. It will generate the dxar file.
    Checksums of the generated file:
    CRC32:  27A38F3A
    MD5:    95C84F1F20643FB29E5F7DFFF6D04291
    SHA1:   E4CE6EB16F90F0F667071085416C10B0BEA7CC22
    SHA256: 1C72C1BE3C7E03E56F127AF365B8AA0B6C8C7A70BFF30E2770C222E28D1CBBFE

  3. Copy 303oeflasher and 303oeflasher% to /PSP/GAME (1.50) or to /PSP/GAME150 (2.71 SE, 3.0X OE).
  4. Copy also the dxar file inside 303oeflasher.
  5. Execute the flasher and follow the instructions.

Changes in OE-C:
  • AVC videos bitrate limit patched. The firmware limited the bitrate of avc videos to only 768 Kbps.
    OE now forces the limit to be 16384 Kbps. (Note: this doesn't mean than the psp can handle such a high bitrate; this means than they won't show error. I don't know which is the real maximum bitrate than the psp can handle at full speed).
  • Speed of OE boot is now ~3 seconds faster than previous versions. (without plugins).
  • Cpu speed of XMB can now be changed.
  • Wifi can now work at 333 Mhz.
  • Added access to flashes 0 and 1 via usb in the recovery menu, based on the great idea of USBSSS by Booster.
    Note that writing is enabled, so this is intended only for advanced users that know what they are doing in each moment. (It is not a great idea to change anything from the kd folder).  Because of this addition, the rest of flashing options were removed.
  • PSP isos can now be deleted as any normal memstick games. (also the size of the iso now shows fine when you press triangle»information).
  • When formatting memory stick, GAME150, GAME303 and ISO directories will be automatically created.
  • Changes in internal HEN core:
    • If a EBOOT.PBP with a plain DATA.PSP had a data.psar, modulemgr took as size of the executable the size of data.psp+data.psar. Fixed. (this fix enables psx games to have plain data.psp without causing a memory error).
    • Added a couple of patches found by Tyranid. One allows syscalls instructions to be used in kernel mode without causing a crash. The other allows sceKernelQueryModuleInfo to work with sceInit and previous modules.

For changes in popstation, refer to popstation readme.

Popstation Readme
Quote:Changes in this version of popstation:
  • The writing is now a bit different. This avoid "Memory stick blinking too much" bug when using the plugin to load the 3.02 pops.
  • popstation now lets the use of non-encrypted DATA.PSP. If data.psp is in the same directory as the app, popstation will use that as the DATA.PSP of the eboot.pbp. Otherwise, it will use the one from BASE.PBP.
    A DATA.PSP that imitates the original sony one is included.
  • EBOOT.PBP generated with a non encrypted data.psp won't need the file KEYS.BIN at all.
Note: these EBOOT.PBP cannot work in versions prior to 3.03 OE-C due to a bug that those versions had.
Download (159KB)
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 2.81 - 3.03 Owners New Hope
24/01/2007 10:41 PM Posted by: mezmorizingmage in PSP News
Spotted at N00bz

Fanjita Wrote:Over and over again, wee get questions from people asking things like:
  • When will there be a 2.81 downgrader?
  • Should I sell my 3.03 PSP and buy a 1.5?
  • Should I upgrade my 2.81 to 3.03?

This article is an attempt to provide some balanced answers to those questions.

Here are the facts:
  • It looks like the Team C+D kernel mode exploit will work all the way up to v3.03 - the relevant code seems to be unchanged.
  • It's very likely that Sony will patch that exploit in the next firmware.
  • As soon as a user-mode exploit is found for 2.81-3.03, it should be possible to get homebrew running on those firmwares.
  • It looks like the current 2.80 downgrader will probably work on v3.03, once wee can run homebrew on that firmware.
  • Dark_AleX's OE firmwares are the best platform for homebrew users, and it seems likely that it will be possible to keep updating OE for the latest firmwares shortly after they are released.
  • It has historically always been easier to downgrade lower firmwares.

So what does all that mean for 2.81-3.03 owners?
  • Well, right now things are more hopeful for you than they have been for bleeding edge firmwares for a long time.  Wee're only 1 step away from being able to downgrade your PSP and move it onto an OE firmware.  It's almost certain that a downgrader will eventually come - but no-one can accurately predict when that might be, so please don't ask!
  • Upgrading to the next firmware release would be homebrew suicide.  Don't expect any sympathy if you choose to upgrade as soon as the next firmware is released - if you wait a short time, you can probably have it as an OE version instead.
  • Upgrading your firmware even from 2.81 to 3.00 is probably not a great move - you may delay your ability to downgrade when a downgrader finally comes.

One final note - if you have more money than patience, then your best bet for getting homebrew on your non-homebrewable PSP is to simply sell it, and buy a downgradeable PSP.  The difference in price is not very large these days, and so it's not really a hard thing to do if you really can't wait.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007
Source: http://www.psp-hacks.com/forums/about68088.html
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 Who wants an 8GHz CPU?
24/01/2007 05:42 AM Posted by: ZiNgA BuRgA in Tech News
Quote:Pentium 4 overclocked to 8GHz: let's see your fancy Core 2 try that
[Image: pentium-8ghz.jpg]
Back in the olden days, before Abraham Lincoln put an end to the megahertz myth -- or was it Theodore Roosevelt, wee always get so confused -- the Pentium 4 ruled the land, with its deep instruction pipeline and PR-friendly xtreem clock speeds. Luckily, Intel wised up and started beefing up the quantity and efficiency of cores instead of just the megahertz, but the megahertz myth still lives on in our hearts, and OC Team Italy keeps that hope alive with its latest achievement: an 8000MHz (8GHz in layman's terms) overclocked Pentium 4. The lucky chip to reach such ridiculous frequencies is a "Cedar Mill" Intel Pentium 4 631, with a standard clock speed of 3GHz. It wasn't just a case of flipping a few pins here and there, the OC folks used a modified ASUS P5B motherboard, with an added copper pipe and a few voltage modifications, along with a little bit of your garden-variety liquid nitrogen to keep it all cool. Golf claps all around, OC, now can you do something to rev up a processor that's actually going to be useful for something? Wait. What's gotten into us? Keep up the good work!
Source: http://www.engadget.com/2007/01/24/penti...e-2-try-t/
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 PSP Filer v2.8 out
24/01/2007 03:30 AM Posted by: ZiNgA BuRgA in PSP News
PSP Filer, one of the most popular programs used for flashing, has just been updated to v2.8:

Changes in v2.8
  • General:
    • fixed a bug when filer backuped flash image, the last cluster was lost.
    • Filer will skip to backup flash image when there is not enough space in MS Duo.
    • battery icon blinks when PSP is connected with AC adapter.
  • Filer:
    • When pasting files from RAMDISK, filer will check free space of device, and will skip pasting if there is not enough space.

Download Here
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 The PSP2 is going to be released
24/01/2007 03:14 AM Posted by: Sparker in PSP News
Yes I know you're going to say the sony announced that they won't release one but they're bull chocolateing and they want to keep it to them selves.

They're going to stop bull chocolateing and they're going to release it tomorrow

Here's a snap shot

[Image: psp26bd.png]


Sony have changed the model a little, they hoping this will be the final model

Screen Shot
[Image: newpsp2ke4.png]

Changes included are:
now has sound.
2 triangle buttons are missing due to a shortage at the button factory.
The Chain saws, Missile launchers, machine guns, etc... are removed due to that they are needed for the PS360 (which they might rename to PSwii60)

The specs of the PSP2 are now reveled to public, check it out
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 dasme Theme collection <Enjoy>
20/01/2007 10:02 AM Posted by: dasme in PSP Theme Releases
Hello everybody.

Here are some of my themes.

Hope u like it.

[Image: screen2ku8.png]
BACKGROUND                    FONT                   ICON

[Image: screen1ph9.png]
BACKGROUND                      FONT                      ICON

[Image: screen1mm1.png]
BACKGROUND                      FONT                      ICON

THEME currently on my PSP

[Image: screen1zt5.png]
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