25 Shortcomings Of Vista
16/02/2007 07:12 AM Posted by: dasme in Tech News
Quote:At this point, solution providers have heard plenty from Microsoft and others about all the benefits that the Windows Vista operating system will bring businesses and other users.

But what are some things to watch out for with the new OS? The CRN Test Center compiled a list of 25 items that VARs should bear in mind when using and deploying Vista.

1. SMB2
Vista introduces a new variant of the SMB protocol called SMB2, which may pose problems for those connecting to non-Microsoft networks, such as Samba on Linux.

2. Hardware
For Vista to perform adequately, PCs may need significant hardware upgrades.

3. Antivirus
Vista does not bundle an antivirus application, and most third party antivirus applications are not yet compatible with Vista.

4. Driver Support
Vista includes thousands of drivers, but most have been created directly by Microsoft. Many hardware manufacturers do not yet have drivers available for Vista.

5. Compatibility
Vista does a good job of running most common applications, but many third-party applications are not yet fully supported.

6. Memory
Vista loves RAM, but more is better. Plan on 2 Gbytes to meet real-world needs.

7. Five Versions
The array of Vista editions could prove to be three too many, and upgrades between versions remain an unknown.

8. Activation
The need to activate the product via the Web could prove to be a time-waster during mass deployments.

9. Storage Space
With Vista taking as much as 10 Gbytes of hard drive space, big and fast hard drives will be a must.

10. Backup
See No. 9. Backing up desktops will take a great deal of space.

11. Urgency
Unlike Windows XP and Windows 95, there seems to be no must-have reasons behind Vista.

12. Learning Curve
Vista is just different enough from XP that technicians and users will need training.

13. Cost
Moving to Vista can prove to be expensive when one considers the price of the OS, the cost of hardware upgrades and the cost of migration.

14. Hardware Vendor Support
Tier-one and tier-two hardware vendors seem to be taking a slow approach to offering "Windows Vista Capable" systems.

15. Windows Backup
Vista's backup application is even more limited than XP's, forcing users to select third-party backup applications.

16. Windows Meeting Space
Lacks so many features that it's all but useless. No VoIP capabilities or shared whiteboard.

17. User Access Control Center
Lacks intelligence and forces users to approve the use of many native applications, such as a task scheduler or disk defragmenter.

18. Buried Controls
Many options and controls are further buried, requiring a half-dozen mouse clicks or more to get to. Network settings and display settings are offenders here.

19. Installation
Can take hours on some systems. Upgrades are even slower.

20. HHD
Hybrid Hard Drives. These are potentially a huge performance booster, but there's little information and support is available (even though should be available).

21. 50 Million Lines Of Code
Even with the five years of development and long beta test period that went into Vista, undiscovered bugs are sure to turn up.

22. Volume Activation 2.0 (VA2)
New volume-licensing technology limits installations or requires dedicated key-management servers to keep systems activated.

23. Missing Features
When first envisioned, Vista promised a new file system (WinFS), virtual folders and many other features that have just plain disappeared.

24. Some Protocols Eliminated
Vista does not include support for IPX, Gopher, WebDAV, NetDDE and AppleTalk.

25. WordPad
Ability to open .doc files has been removed.

Source: CSN.com
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 Open Edition Network Update Downloader BETA1
15/02/2007 12:22 AM Posted by: Incadude in PSP News
[Image: dax-1.png]

Over at DCEMU, Xandu and Team 280 have really pwned SONY. Now you can automatically download Dark Alex's latest Open Edition Firmware. Using Sony's Network Update feauture!

  • Flash update_plugin.prx using the flash update.
  • Make sure your first connection is active and working..
  • Use Network Update
  • UPDATE.rar should be in the MS root after the download is complete.
You can also flash using Flash0 USB mode in Open Edition. (vsh/nodule)


This has a risk of bricking when using FLASHUPDATE. I am not responsible for any damage that may happen to your device.

*Still a beta so expect more updates. In the "Did it work for you poll" 50% have voted no and 50% have voted yes.

[Image: du-1.png]

Open Edition Network Update Downloader BETA1
[Image: psp-haxorsdownload.jpg]
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 iPhone PlayStation Skin v2
13/02/2007 11:43 AM Posted by: dasme in PSP Theme Releases
iPhone Skin for ur PSP with wallpapers and topmenu_plugin.rco

This skin made me downgrade to 3.03 OE-C from 3.10 OE because of topmenu_plugin.rco problem.
But it was worth it. :)

EnjoY :)

[Image: screen1yp7.png]

[Image: screen2ej9.png]

[Image: screen3hr4.png]

[Image: screen1nl2.png]

iPhone PSP skin V2.zip
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 Launching various homebrew via XMB icons.
12/02/2007 11:33 PM Posted by: ZiNgA BuRgA in PSP Customisation Tutorials / Guides
Here's a little trick.  This allows you to launch various homebrew via the "useless" XMB icons.

Firstly you'll need the Action Replacer PRX.

Okay, this PRX allows you to load the ms0:/PSP/GAME/GOTORECOV/EBOOT.PBP file.  Note this only works on 3.xx OE (may work on 2.71 SE, I dunno).  However, that's only one homebrew, thus it may not be very useful.

But this can be changed :)  Make a copy of the PRX and open this in a hex editor.  Search for the string "GOTORECONV" (should be at 0x0002B10) and you'll find the path.  Unfortunately, you can't change this patch that much (must use ms0:/PSP/GAME/), but you can change the folder name (I think it must be 9 characters long too, not too sure though).

Once you have edited some PRXs, it's time to flash.  Here's a list of a few PRXs you can replace:
license_plugin.prx   => Certificate Utility
camera_plugin.prx   => Photo » Camera
update_plugin.prx   => Settings » Network Update
lftv_plugin.prx   => Network » Location Free Player
netplay_client_plugin.prx   => Game » Game Sharing
savedata_plugin.prx   => Game » Save Data Utility
premo_plugin.prx   => Network » Remote Play
(Note: PRXs are stored in flash0:/vsh/nodule
Note 2: Always keep a backup copy of the original PRXs!)

Hehe, you can now launch various homebrew from the XMB without having to go to the GAME menu.  If you're on 3.03 OE-C or lower, you can also change the menu labels and icons to make things appropriate :P

BUT, what about homebrew that you want to keep out of the GAME menu?  For example, you may want the Network Update to launch the recovery menu, but there's this ugly recovery menu entry in the GAME menu!  Well guess what?  The old __SCE__ naming scheme works!  So basically, change the name of GOTORECOV to __SCE__RE and it's now hidden from the GAME menu! :D (note, only works with 1.00 EBOOTs - if you have a KXploit'd EBOOT, you'll have to join it into a 1.00 EBOOT - PSP Brew lets you do this)

One nice thing about this is it saves you from going through the GAME list, and also will launch faster (no gameboot).  Unfortunately, it seems to always launch the SCE intro when you quit the homebrew, so quitting it actually takes longer :/

  • Kernel needs to be set to 1.50
  • The PRX doesn't seem to work after using USB Mode - you'll need to reboot the PSP
  • If you set your PSP to skip the SCE coldboot, exiting a homebrew launched via this method will play back the SCE coldboot anyway
  • Some homebrew launched this way, crash on exit; sometimes it may even seem like a brick!  However, entering, and exiting recovery menu fixes this.
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 [PSP] RCO Editor v1.15c
09/02/2007 05:32 AM Posted by: ZiNgA BuRgA in ZB's Programs & Stuff
The PSP's flash contains numerous RCO files (localized resources)
in the flash0:/vsh/resource folder.  These files contain various
things such as icons, sounds, text and so on, which the PSP uses to
display the XMB interface.
RCO Editor is what its name implies.  Currently almost all of the
RCO can be edited in RCO Editor.  Some example uses:
  • replace icons
  • replace sounds - support for both stereo and mono sounds
  • replace text (longer text is supported)
  • modify some page and anim data

Random update on 18th October 2009
More bugs fixed - crash found thanks to byte.me, and some 4 bit conversion issues.  
You can get the updated EXE here - just replace the EXE in the package below with the one in the link in this sentence.

Random update on 11th June 2009
A number of bugs fixed in 1.15c.  I'm lazy so won't update the version number (actually, I'm getting close to finishing my rcomage program which will replace RCO Editor to some degree).  You can get the updated EXE here - just replace the EXE in the package below with the one in the link in this sentence.
This update just fixes a few issues with image handling (more specifically GIM«>BMP conversion).

Last updated, 28th Oct, 2007, version 1.15c
Changes in 1.15c
  • Fixed another bug in GIM conversion routine

Changes in 1.15b
  • Fixed a bug in the decompression and GIM conversion routine

Changes in 1.15:
  • Rewrote GIM «> BMP conversion routine
    • Dimension restrictions removed, as well as the "visible dimension" nonsense (RCO Editor automatically fixes that)
    • osk_utility.rco icons no longer cause crashes
    • Support for creating 4 bit and 32 bit GIMs (previously, only 8 bit supported) - effectively removing the 256 colour restriction
    • You can now use ICO, PNG and GIF files as inputs, in addition to 4 bit BMPs
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes
  • Added option to disable compressing resources - this is for some 3.7x RCOs not working properly with compression enabled

Here's some decompressed RCO packs: 3.52, 3.60 (slim), 3.71
Also, Z33's Resurssiklunssi is a very useful tool too :)

So what sort of things can this program achieve?  Well, you can just take a look around the many themes which are now possible with this.  You can find a list of some themes here.

Okay, that out of the way:
Download (142KB)

Source code available here

Again, for people who don't like reading lots of text, backup your original flash0 resource files before flashing custom RCOs
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 OH NOES!!!! 3.11 released!!!!! beware of n00bz who update!!!!!!
08/02/2007 03:59 PM Posted by: michaelp in PSP News

3.11 has just been released!
A bug fix in an r-type thing or something.
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 O.o Editing system_plugin_fg.rco ...
07/02/2007 12:43 AM Posted by: ZiNgA BuRgA in PSP Customisation Developments
[Image: 92463886yh0.png]

Might confuse a few people.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to convert to the PSP's "icon format"... :(  But I was basically playing around with the system_plugin_fg.rco file, and found that it contained a few icons, basically:
  • Battery icon
  • Mute icon & shadow
  • Lock icon & shadow
  • Cross icon & shadow
  • Circle icon & shadow
  • Triangle icon & shadow
  • Busy indicator animation & background
  • Two more icons, which I don't know what they are

Meh, I was wondering what that file did, and I'm disappointed - that file doesn't do much :(
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 [PSP] [Source code] Simple Popstation GUI v3.00 beta
05/02/2007 06:43 PM Posted by: ZiNgA BuRgA in ZB's Programs & Stuff
Well, I'm getting bored of my Simple Popstation GUI project... Erk
So I thought I'd release the source code for anyone interested.  I may
decide to add a few things later on, but for now, I think I'll take a
break from this.

Anyways, it's not exactly a public release, but it's here if anyone wants it.

The code is written in VB6.  Note that although VB6 is typically a "n00b language" the code is certainly not n00b friendly.  A few more advanced things are used, plus I'm too lazy to add comments etc.

More info is given in the readme.  Remeber, read the readme!
File can be downloaded below.  (Note that will also need the compiled package which can be found here)

Oh, and it's interesting to see how much code I've actually written :)
[Image: codeki7.png]

Hope some people find this useful!

Attached File(s)
.rar  PsGUI300betaSrc.rar (Size: 97.73 KB / Downloads: 4419)
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