PspIrDA v0.0.2
19/02/2007 07:46 PM Posted by: ZiNgA BuRgA in PSP News
Quote:Does anybody remember PspIrDA? For the guys who don't, the homebrew application allowed you to transfer files between your PSP and your cell phone, PDA, PC, and pretty much any device compatible with the application's protocol (nope - no DS here). With that said, author Mat17 has just released version 0.0.2.

Major changes include improved device compatibility and transfer speed, although the application's GUI has been kept sparse. Mat notes that version 0.0.3 will carry improved transfer speed, and (it is hoped) an improved GUI.

Included in the bundle is a debug version of the app, along with this note from the author:

Quote:I've included in the archive a debug version which outputs a debug.log and dump.log files in the pspirda directory. So if this release does not work for you, try a transfer (send or receive) with this debug version and send me the corresponding debug.log and dump.log.

As always, wee recommend a thorough viewing of the app's README, along with a trip to the release thread for any further details. Wee thank Mat17 for the effort, and hope you guys enjoy trying this application out.

Hmm, sounds quite an interesting program - hopefully it gets better ;)
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 Frapsp: new video capture application in the works
19/02/2007 07:41 PM Posted by: ZiNgA BuRgA in PSP News
Quote:Homebrew coder Gunner dropped by our forums today and posted that he is currently working on a new application called Frapsp that will allow users to capture and record game video footage. In case you've noticed, that is what exactly AdePSP's ScreenVideo Capture Module does.

However, Gunner added that he's gunning for a proper capture as well as a better and faster application than SVC. Frapsp is still in its early stages but the owner assures that it doesn't freeze the game. The games may run slower at times but he's working on it, Gunner added.

Frapsp currently uses usbhostfs.prx and psplink.prx butt he plans on including usb host into the plugin. Good luck to Gunner on his Frapsp! Wee are sure that the community will be there the moment you release this application.

Proof of Concept videos
Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Hmm, sounds interesting I guess, though I'm not sure how all that would actually work Erk
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 nVidia releases C compiler and SDK for 8800+ GPUs
19/02/2007 08:12 AM Posted by: Ge64 in Tech News
nVidia, by far the best GPU maker of course :cheesygrin: has released CUDA, a C compiler package which allows programmers to run calculations on the Geforce 8800 and up series GPUs. CUDA uses the GPU as a coprocessors, so now software can be made that uses the GPU to do stuff so the CPU can do other stuff. Just to show how cool this is, the Geforce 8800 GTX has 128 cores (shaders) running at 1.1Ghz each. And with 2 of these cards in SLi setup, you have a 1+ teraflops system (which is really fast).

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 [RELEASE] 3.03/3.10 OE mix for UP
18/02/2007 05:42 AM Posted by: dasme in PSP News
Dark_AleX Wrote:Well something i did for myself because i will be a month outside with my chipped psp(and there are annoying things with it), but that i guess it will be welcomed by other up users.

3.03/3.10 OE mix for UP.

This is an OE update to let UP users have the vsh of 3.03 (which is more customizable) and the kernel of 3.10 to launch psp and psx games.

I have also done this thing to fix some annoying things for up users (pressing L at boot, and at recoveryng from sleep).


- On the PSP original nand, install 3.10 OE-A (or A', doesn't mattter because the patches of A' will be applied)
- On the UP nand, install 3.03 OE-C
- Copy 303_10 mix to GAME150, and run it from the UP nand.
- Done.

Now you will have the following benefits:

- 3.03 vsh, which you can customize.
- When you execute a psp or psx game, or a homebrew, OE will switch the nand to the psp one (containing 3.10 OE) automatically, so you will be able to play psx and psp games in the higher firmware, and since it will run on the psp nand, you won't have problems with psx games or with 333 Mhz.
- When you recover from sleep mode, OE will also be back to the nand you were, so you don't need to press L  (in fact, you must not press it :p)
- You can access both flashes via usb in the recovery.

[Image: cooltext45333229xq7.gif]
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 JPGs as themes
17/02/2007 06:56 PM Posted by: Ge64 in PSP Customisation Developments
I just had this crazy idea and I tried it, and it worked. I just took a random .jpg 480x272 background, flashed it to flash0 and renamed it 01-12.bmp. And guess what? It shows up just fine.

On the other hand, I also found out that full res themes mess up the icons. Must be something with the ram...
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 Custom PSP Theme Pack 4
17/02/2007 02:57 PM Posted by: dasme in PSP Theme Releases
No sooner have wee started getting accustomed to the recent Custom PSP Theme Pack that PSP Nikos has to offer, when wee receive word of another update. The man is letting everybody know that his team has just opened up Pack 4 for release, which carries even more goodies to help us along on our PSP-pimpin' spree. As for the new stuff available:
  • New DAX [Dark Alex] custom network update plugin
  • More XMB WAVES [10 - 15]
  • New RCO editor [Edit volume bars and loads more]
  • Custom Volume Bars [15-20]
  • New PSP 01-12bmp merger/spliter
  • New 01-12 custom images [E.G. Make your own]
  • More ready made 01-12 custom bmp images
  • More custom top_menu.rco files
  • Update on new Icons Custom Battery Files
  • New TGA wave editor
As always, PSP NIKOS would like to thank all PSP programmers and for the effort - wee thank him too for this cool bundle. Just remember guys - always read the READMEs included in the bundle, and be sure to check for updates for your favorite apps. This file weighs in at about 32MB, so you better be ready with that extra bit of space for this download. Enjoy!

[Image: cooltext45333229xq7.gif]

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 DevHook Firmware Installer: v0.6d Supports 3.03 to 3.11 :)
17/02/2007 03:38 AM Posted by: dasme in PSP News
Sleepy's released a minor upgrade to Tommydanger's oft-used DevHook Firmware Installer. As he mentions, he's edited the program to increase its compatibility and to support newer firmwares.

Here's the changelog for this new, semi-unofficial update to DevHook Firmware Installer v0.6d:
  • Removed error causing crashes
  • Added full support for firmwares 3.03 - 3.11
  • Tidied up and re-arranged code
  • Bugs found and wiped out
  • Smoothed out the code a bit
  • Made a new ICON0 for the program
  • Added support for firmware 3.02 and everything below
As always, make sure you check the latest readme. There don't seem to be any known issues so far with the application, but you should always check the readme to be sure. With that said, be careful, and enjoy the application.

Download (
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 FULL RES 480x272 background image WITH WAVES
17/02/2007 01:10 AM Posted by: Ge64 in PSP Customisation Tutorials / Guides
Yeah its possible
and Yeah, its so easy you'll laugh your donkey off.

Simply save your background as a normal .bmp, rename it 01-12.bmp, and put it in /vsh/resource. Then go to Theme settings and select the top theme and voila you have a nice full res background with waves on top of it.

There are 2 known side effects:

1) You can only have one theme now.
2) The panels like the themes settings or when you click triangle in the Photo's menu, which are usually the color of the theme, are now grey.

But I can live with that...
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