PSP firmware 3.40 out now for US
19/04/2007 10:55 AM Posted by: YoYoBallz in PSP News Wrote:After being spotted at Sony PSP's South Korean website, the newest PSP firmware, FW 3.40, has now made its way to the Japanese PlayStation site. So far, the U.S. PlayStation site hasn't updated its System Software Update section, but trust us when wee say that wee will keep you posted.

As to what's new this time around, wee are still not sure. But nonetheless, wee'll still share with you the info generated through an online translation engine. Here's they are:

    * PLAYSTATION Notwork title performance in order to play was strengthened.
    * PlayStation standard software PSP and PS3 being both, you can use the saving dataIt became the way.
    * As for download of the PlayStation standard software which corresponds to PS3, from April 26th at PLAYSTATION®Store it is the schedule which is started.
    * [License management] was deleted.
    * In [you can verify the information which is indicated license management], with the following operation.
          o Choosing the idea contest of the game where wee would like to make information indicate pushing the △ button, [Information] is chosen from the option menu.

Pretty much the same as what wee have reported earlier. Surely in a few hours, the U.S. PlayStation site would be updated - and that means wee'll have a better understanding of what's new with firmware 3.40. Feel free to check out the PlayStation Japan site by clicking on our link below.
Update: Tipster whoelse led us to the PlayStation US Boards to show us what the boards' admin assistant Ascalon's post had about the new firmware for the PSPs. There wasn't anything yet on a U.S. release of the FW, but wee did manage to get something about some changes in the 3.40 FW update:

    * Support for PLAYSTATION®Network titles has been expanded.
    * The method of managing certificates under [Game] has been changed.

These are all wee have of the new firmware, but wee'll let you know once wee get more news. So stick around.

Hehe this is much better to understand. and remember sony firmware 3.10+ = No homebrew... so don't update

- Source: [] Wrote:Took quite a while, but finally it's here. The Sony PSP Firmware 3.40 first appeared in Korea, and was later rolled out to Japan. Well, wee already got quite a glimpse of the changelog from both Asian official sites, but here's a more English-friendly translation What's new in PSP FW 3.40? Thought you'd never ask...


    * New for 3.40: Support for PLAYSTATION Notwork titles has been expanded.
    * New for 3.40: Saved data from PlayStation format software can now be used on both PSP and PS3 systems.
    * New for 3.40: [Certificate Utility] was deleted.
          o Information that was displayed in [Certificate Utility] can be checked by the following method.
          o Select the icon of the game you want to display information for, press the button, and then select [Information] from the options menu.
    * New for 3.30: Support for PLAYSTATION Notwork titles has been expanded.


    * New for 3.30: Support for thumbnail images of items has been added under [RSS Channel].


    * New for 3.30:Support for thumbnail images of videos that are stored in the "VIDEO" folder of Memory Stick Duo media has been added.
    * New for 3.30:The following types of files can now be played in the "VIDEO" folder.
          o – MPEG-4/H.264 AVC Main Profile (AVC CABAC) video files of the following sizes: 720 X 480, 352 X 480, or 480 X 272
          o *Depending on the data type, some files cannot be played.


    * New for 3.30: [Use Wireless Hotspot] has been added as a feature under [Network Settings].

As wee have previously mentioned, this PSP Firmware 3.40 has already been decrypted. To reiterate what wee have said in an update of the South Korean site article, "apparently, the keys haven't changed - this means that Team C+D's decrypter for firmware 3.30 will work on FW 3.40." Unfortunately there have been no other specific updates regarding this, and while there hasn't been anything yet, just sit tight and click on the download link below.

- Source: []
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 SCEP-XMB Plugin Updated For 3.30 OE-A
19/04/2007 01:49 AM Posted by: juan2320 in PSP News
[Image: 003_qjgenth.png?374179]
Homebrew coder Poisonhzkj has updated his plugin once more to make it compatible with 3.30 OE-A users.

Basically, what the SCEP-XMB plugin does is enable “scx.prx
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 CisoPlus! v1.0.7
19/04/2007 01:43 AM Posted by: juan2320 in PSP News
kapoue3 has released another update to CisoPlus! v1.0.7 is solely a bug fix version.

kapoue3’s message:

I’ve corrected a bug when using the -vid & -aud options without using the -MT option.
Now, CisoPlus! can use the DAX’s trick in both Multithread and No-Multithread version.
Thanks to axeps2 for finding this bug.

…Should do the trick for anyone who experienced problems relating to that bug. And to quickly recap if you’re a newcomer: This command line tool enhances BOOSTER’s original CSO compression format; CisoPlus is responsible for converting PSP compliant ISO images to CSO format with support for many extended functions…
  • Compression and estimation are a bit faster in Multithread mode
  • Command-line options have changed: there are switches. Please read the full help for the new syntax
  • -est_mt flag for threaded estimation
  • place audio and/or video files in non-compressed areas of the image to help reduce lag. See the [media] argument.
  • there are still the original compression/decompression functions of Booster
  • there is a optimized compression version for all CPU
  • a simulation mode to estimate quickly the final compression rate without writing the CSO (up to 10 times faster)
  • threshold which allows (as Dax) to increase the size of the CSO slightly but reduce the lags during the game (e.g. GTA). This option gives as good results as the DAX and the CSO can work on custom firmware or devhook without plugins
  • a special optimized compression for DualCore Cpu owners. It can be twice faster than the initial version.

CisoPlus! v1.0.7 via
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 Nintendo Wii Fan mod
18/04/2007 08:10 PM Posted by: YoYoBallz in Tech News
[Image: 10604573996.jpg]
[Image: 10604573937.jpg]

A maxconsole member came up with a great mod for his wii, a fan.
The user said that he was in fear of over heating his wii when he plays it for long period of time so he decided to do something about it :yes:

and he says that it works very well!

Here's what Maxconsole had to say about it

Maxconsole Wrote:A member of our forums named evlspcmk, was a bit worried about the heat of his Wii. So what did he do? He made a mod to solve the problem. Using USB ports, evlspcmk has placed a usb powered fan on his Wii. This isn't his first Wii mod either so check out our forums for more pictures of the finished product.

- Source: [Maxconsole]
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 Altimit XMB
18/04/2007 04:50 PM Posted by: Tenshigami in PSP Theme Releases
Altimit OS from the first .Hack// game series!

First, I'd like to mention that this is NOT a release. Yet.

THANK YOU Zinga and company for reverse engineering a usable topmenu_plugin.rco for 3.30. While I love customizing stuff, I prefer functionality over being able to customize. Since I can now customize my PSP's topmenu, I've begun the area of my XMB theme that has been halted for quite some time. I just finished adding the base topmenu icons.

[Image: AltimitXMB.jpg]

Now, obviously since I haven't touched the rest of the icons, this isn't quite finished. Also, the reason for the reuse of the triangle (with the original sony icons in small form in the bottom right corner of each) is because I haven't been able to get ALL the icons from Altimit's menu. Only the four used for the .Hack//Liminality DVD menus. I'm hoping these 'placeholders' will eventually get to be replaced with nice, clean captures of ALL the Altimit icons.

I tried using a PS2 emulator in order to screencap the icons from the Altimit desktop, but either the graphics plugin for the emulator, or my Intel graphics card (which isn't exactly designed to support PS2 emulation ;P) displayed them all garbled.

On a side note, I've had a Gameboot of the Blue Altimit 'boot up' screen, an "[Altimit]" cold boot, and Altimit sound scheme since before 3.30 OE-A. =P

If you're wondering why the hell my altimit background is pink like that, I made an altimit background to match each month's color scheme. ;P
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 PSP firmware 3.40 Coming????
18/04/2007 02:55 PM Posted by: YoYoBallz in PSP News Wrote:PSP-Hacks forum member, Calo, has brought this to my attention. Pass it through Google Translator for a clearer synopsis — here. As of me writing this, the supplied firmware EBOOT on the Korean site is in fact still 3.30; they’ve yet to update it.

So, looks like wee can expect firmware 3.40 very soon, for North America, and other regions. April 19th, perhaps? FIGHT!

Dark_AleX — 16, Sony — 17?

Wow looks like wee will be seeing 3.40 soon, now I went to the play station Korea and looked at the changed list and this is what I got

• It enjoyed PLAYSTATION�Network tie frames and the function for was strengthened.

• [these sense civil officials] were eliminated.
   [Is indicated information which from this sense civil official] with afterwords it will be able to confirm as a same fabrication.
   After selecting the icon of the game information the reporter [it selects △ buttons information] consecutively from the option menu.

• It enjoyed PLAYSTATION�Network tie frames and the function for was strengthened.
  - [The disk the speed which it reads] was added in the menu.

• [it will be able to indicate the island your day of item from RSS Channel] and.

• It will be able to indicate the island your day of the video which is stored in Memory Stick Duo™ “VIDEO
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 Halo 3 gets a new drink! wait... what?
18/04/2007 02:34 PM Posted by: YoYoBallz in Random News Wrote:Halo 3 has gotten so big nowadays, there's even a drink for it. Mountain Dew will release a liimited edition of the drink called Game Fuel. The drink has more caffeine than regular Mountain Dew and hopefully none of the side-effects. The cherry Citrus Halo 3 drink will be available this August.

Hmmm a halo 3 mountain dew? called Game Fuel?  cherry Citrus?

- Source: [Maxconsole]
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 PSP-Devolution Mod chip out now!!!
18/04/2007 02:23 PM Posted by: YoYoBallz in PSP News
[Image: pspdev_f_m.jpg] Wrote:In case you've forgotten, wee would like to remind you that PSP-Devolution's USB-JTAG Programmer for a lot of NAND FLASH ICs (aka modchip) is finally available. Actually, sales started last April 16 and will end on April 20. The delay was caused by an important improvement involving a 4-layer technology that makes the chip even smaller.

Also, the team behind this creation mentioned that the chip has actually two versions. The first one is a 3.3V version that works for PlayStation Portable (PSP) motherboards TA-079 to TA-081. The other one is a 1.8V version that is compatible to TA-082+ boards. That means TA-086 users are covered too.

Wee've already posted the PSP-Devolution modchip features before but for the benefit of those who missed it, wee listed them down again below.

    * Flash your PSP using the internal USB Port
    * No additional USB Port required
    * Latest ACTEL ProASIC 3 technology
    * NO power consumption
    * Doesn't touch the battery power in any way, powered by USB for the time being used to flash the PSP
    * Pre-assembled hi-tech flex pcb for easiest possible connection to the psp main board
    * Works on all available PSP versions incl. the new TA-082 and TA-086
    * Custom BIOS with a lot of cool additional features

- Source: []
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