RELEASE: Haunter Remixedv4.5
18/07/2014 12:25 PM Posted by: slyboogy27 in PSP News
Haunter Remixedv4.5

5.00m33 Theme

[Image: 6VCjUHR.png]


Concept & Design

Wave taken from:
mugi (thanks!)

Tools Used:
CTFtool GUI v5 beta - patpat
PRXeditor - patpat
RCOedit - ZiNgA BuRgA
RCOmage - ZiNgA BuRgA
XMB Multi Customizer - Takeshi
FHacker093 - Freeplay and Skylark
PSP Theme Converter - SONY

Gameboot Tools
UMD Stream Composer
MPS to Gameboot

Adobe Products Used
Photoshop CS3
Fireworks CS3

All icons provided by
simply just scaled them
down and outlined them
in black and saved them
in Fireworks CS3 under
the following settings

* File Type *
- Flattened PNG

* Options *
- PNG 8
- Websnap Adaptive
- Alpha Transparency

Battery Icon is original (decided to get rid of the Ash's PSP battery icon (too big)

Custom Gameboot

simply took the original sony gameboot and faded in the

Custom Click Sounds

Pokémon Green/Red/Blue/Yellow (First Gen) Sound Effects


Custom Font - Pokemon Solid.ttf off of

impose_plugin.rco and busy icon
taken from Large Original Icons Revived CTF

I got the paf.prx & vshmain,prx from the "GraffitiMontage" theme
possibly edited it (them) a bit here and there

A BIG thanks to weterr123 for all his encouraging messages
and supplying me with what I had done on the theme after my
terabyte failed (luckily I sent him the .ctf file before hand)

Attached File(s)
.ctf  Haunter Remixedv4.5.ctf (Size: 3.07 MB / Downloads: 1027)
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 NSA: Our systems are so complex we can’t stop them from deleting data wanted for laws
13/06/2014 02:32 PM Posted by: whjms in Random News
Quote:Washington Post

In a hearing Friday, U.S. District  for the Northern District of California Judge Jeffrey S. White reversed an emergency order he had issued earlier the same week barring the government from destroying data that the Electronic Frontier Foundation had asked be preserved for that case. The data is collected under Section 702 of the Amendments Act to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

But the NSA argued that holding onto the data would be too burdensome. "A requirement to preserve all data acquired under section 702 presents significant operational problems, only one of which is that the NSA may have to shut down all systems and databases that contain Section 702 information," wrote NSA Deputy Director Richard Ledgett in a court filing submitted to the court.

The complexity of the NSA systems meant preservation efforts might not work, he argued, but would have "an immediate, specific, and harmful impact on the national security of the United States." Part of this complexity, Ledgett said, stems from privacy restrictions placed on the programs by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Granted, they obviously delete a lot of data, but it's still a funny headline.
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 Xbox One games dumped; ISOs posted online
17/04/2014 09:45 PM Posted by: Kuu in Tech News
Scene and P2P sites have started posting Xbox One rips.

[Image: 5FTradR.jpg?1]

Originally, C4Eva (of iXtreme fame) posted that he successfully dumped Call of Duty: Ghosts weeks ago.

But today, 20+ weeks later, Ryse has made it onto file sharing sites. For those interested, it was released with the tag

This means all 3 next gen consoles (Wii U, X1, PS4) have had their games and NAND dumped and are waiting for a method to load them.
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 [RELEASE] Music.prx for 6.60
01/04/2014 10:02 PM Posted by: ErikPshat in PSP News
[Image: 8d125ac2d91466b4cf50ee5cadb8ef29.png]

Type PSP: Fat and Slim
Tested on: 6.60 CFW
Playable formats: mp3, at3, aa3, oma, omg
BitHacker: ErikPshat ;)

This is new real port plugin music.prx for 6.60 CFW.


[Image: e95172f70d5c762792e93643c73339d9.png]

Tested on PSP-3000 6.60 LME-1.8:

Disconnect all other conflicting plug-ins
  1. Worked! DEBUG = 1/0
  2. Worked! DIR = ms0:/MUSIC/
  3. Worked! subDIR = ms0:/MUSIC/xxx/
  4. Worked! Default startup settings in "music_conf.txt"
  5. Worked! [Image: 2m7ho4w_th.jpg] + [Image: 9i5p5e_th.jpg] = VOLUP =
  6. Worked! [Image: 2m7ho4w_th.jpg] + [Image: 2lm0xnb_th.jpg] = VOLDOWN =
  7. Worked! [Image: 2m7ho4w_th.jpg] + [Image: 2vdqgx4_th.jpg] = START_STOP =
  8. Worked! [Image: 2m7ho4w_th.jpg] + [Image: 2e3zxw0_th.jpg] = PREVIOUS =
  9. Worked! [Image: 2m7ho4w_th.jpg] + [Image: dyra10_th.jpg] = NEXT =
  10. Worked! [Image: 2m7ho4w_th.jpg] + [Image: 160vnrq_th.jpg] = MODE_TOGGLE =   #SEQ/RAND
  11. Worked! [Image: 2m7ho4w_th.jpg] + [Image: 2u40tgl_th.jpg] = CPU_NEXT =
  12. Worked! [Image: 2m7ho4w_th.jpg] + [Image: bf1a2x_th.jpg] = CPU_PREV =
  13. Worked! [Image: 2m7ho4w_th.jpg] + [Image: 30cae4m_th.jpg] = RELOAD =
  14. Worked! [Image: 2m7ho4w_th.jpg] + [Image: 2e14z0l_th.jpg] = DISPLAY =
  15. Worked! [Image: 2m7ho4w_th.jpg] + [Image: 1zqxyt0_th.jpg] = IN_GAME_MUTE =
  16. Worked! [Image: 2m7ho4w_th.jpg] + [Image: otn405_th.jpg] = LOOP =

.zip  Music.prx 0.56 & src [660cfw].zip (Size: 117.24 KB / Downloads: 3152) |
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 [Theme] Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
25/12/2013 12:58 PM Posted by: Ordi in PSP Theme Releases
Hi and merry christmas. Yay
The theme contains:
+ custom Coldboot
+ custom Gameboot
+ custom XMB
+ custom sounds ( in fact actual sounds from the game)
- no animations though :(

The theme is a bit pixelated on the Vita, but other than this it also works fine with TN's eCFW.



This is my first theme, but I hope you like it nonetheless. Madwin
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 TN-V7.3 Released!
17/12/2013 12:49 AM Posted by: TatsuyaXD in Tech News
The long wait is over! Almost one year after his latest release, Total_Noob is back with an eCFW for the PS Vita.

UPDATE: 12/28/13: TN-V7 Released!
Current exploitable game: King Of Pool.  Learn more HERE!

[Image: DBZmXRS.png]

Spoiler for TN-V7.3:
Total_Noob via wolol Wrote:Changelog of TN-V7.3:
* Added support of Music.PRX in PS1 games. Now you can listen to your own music, in example OST songs, while playing.
* Fixed support of 128 ISO games, finally.

Changelog of TN-V7.2
* Added protection of the exploit game. It protects you from removing or renaming the licence file and the game itself.
* Fixed PS1 support by reusing TN-V6's core.
* Fixed GTA Chinatown Wars standby resume freeze in March33 driver.
* Fixed support of 128 ISO games.

Changelog of TN-V7.1:
* Added possibility to hide DLC's in game menu.
* Fixed black screen with some games when using the NoDRM engine.
* Improved DLC compatibility.
* Removed 'Use VSH Menu' from recovery menu.


- Source: [wololo]

Spoiler for TN-V7:
wololo Wrote:While my colleague Acid_Snake is showing you 7 Days of Metal Gear, I am presenting you 7 Days of TN-V, in which wee’ve reached the 7th revision of Total_Noobs TN-V eCFW.

After the promised TN-V4 kernel mode release, Total_Noob brought us even more revisions of his PS Vita eCFW, which now reached the status of TN-V7.

In TN-V7 he fixed various bugs and added another few awesome features, that every user of TN-V should really appreciate.

The changelog of the TN-V7 eCFW

    * Added NoDRM engine. This allows you to play DLC’s and more. Valkyria Chronicles 3 E2 English Patch is now also supported.
    (thanks to hrimfaxi for the idea (this one is written by me)).

    * Added ‘PLUGINS MANAGER’ to VSH Menu. Now you can manage your plugins directly from VSH.

    * Added ‘Restore ‘QSP’ folder’ to recovery menu (Advanced »).

    * Added support for homebrews without DISC_ID in their PARAM.SFO. This fixes for example the RIN GB/GBC emulator.

    * Added check whether you have installed 6.60 files yet. If not, the recovery menu will boot automatically.

    * Fixed loading of static ELF. Another factor that makes the RIN GB/GBC emulator and more homebrews working.

    * Fixed bug where kxploit’ed/1.50 homebrews were not hidden when ‘Hide exploit game’ was enabled.

    * Increased ISO limit from 32 to 128 games.

    * Improved system stability. The ‘QSP’ bug shouldn’t appear anymore.

    * Removed ‘Allow anti-CFW games’ from recovery menu, because it is only used for ‘DJ MAX Portable 3′. However, this game works now flawlessly without this option.

    * The updater does not reset TN-V configurations anymore.

Total_Noob once again delivered a giant new changelog, with a lot of necessary fixes, some new features and even more improvements for his PS Vita TN-V eCFW.

What is your new favorite feature of TN-V7? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

TN wasn’t the only one who was working on some code. Thanks to various people (qwikrazor, KanadeEngel and others) there are now available files for every released PS Vita exploit game.

Everyone who owns a working VHBL or eCFW at their PS Vita is now able to run TN-V7, if they are using the provided exploit savedata files.
The only game that got no files for any of the various TN-V eCFW revisions is the first PS Vita exploit game, Everybody’s Tennis. Wee think that no one uses the exploit anymore, and that’s the reason that no one bothered to create files for it.
Every other exploit game has its files and is ready to go for using TN-V. Here’s once again the list of every released PS Vita exploit game so far, and if you need the advice, then refer to this YouTube Playlist, which shows for every exploit game how to launch it properly.

Just download the new V7 revision via the System Update function of the XMB, or grab it from the various download sources below.

TN-V7 Source via:
TN-V7 Download: (new core files)
Alternative Downloads: (complete archives)

- Source: [wololo]

Spoiler for TN-V6:
Total-Noob @ Wrote:Further, small revisions won't have such a big example TN-V6.1 ;)

The pretty new changelog of TN-V6:
* Added 'Plugins remover' to recovery menu (This does only remove the path line in 'vsh.txt', 'game.txt' or 'pops.txt').
* Fixed the blue screen of death / setup reset, finally.
* Fixed sleep-timer in music player, again.
* Fixed 'Tekken 6' game and probably some other games.
* Removed 'Use TN network update' from recovery menu. This option is now always enabled.

Download TN-V6:

Spoiler for TN-V6 README.txt:

[Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-V6 by Total_Noob]

* All my works are voluntary and non-profit. But if you want to support me you can donate me a small amount of money. I'll take it with great pleasure:

* If you have used TN-V4 before, you can just go to 'System update' and download the newest version directly from your PS Vita! Enjoy the updater!

* Added 'Plugins remover' to recovery menu (This does only remove the path line in 'vsh.txt', 'game.txt' or 'pops.txt').
* Fixed the blue screen of death / setup reset, finally.
* Fixed sleep-timer in music player, again.
* Fixed 'Tekken 6' game and probably some other games.
* Removed 'Use TN network update' from recovery menu. This option is now always enabled.

* Visit '' and get the exploit savedata. Ensure that you download the right region.
* Extract the savedata to '\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\', where 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' is a bunch of random numbers and letters.
* Extract 'TN.BIN' and 'FLASH0.TN' to the savedata folder, where you can find 'H.BIN'
* Obtain the 6.60 EBOOT.PBP and copy it to the savedata folder with the name '660.PBP' (
* Transfer the savedata to your PS Vita using CMA.
* Launch your exploit game.
* On the first boot, the recovery menu will appear automatically.
* Select 'Advanced ->' menu and then select 'Install 6.60 files' (this step is only needed if you've never used TN-V4 before).
* Enjoy the install progress.
* After the install is done, go back and exit the recovery menu.
* Enjoy my awesome work.

[How to install plugins]
* On the PSP you used to install plugins to 'seplugins' and you have adjusted 'vsh.txt', 'game.txt' or 'pops.txt'.
  Here it is exactly the same way:
  * Prepare your plugin in this way: Add the plugin (in example plugin.prx) to 'seplugins' folder and depending where you want to have this plugin
    you should create a txt file inside this folder called 'vsh.txt' for XMB mode, 'game.txt' for games of course and 'pops.txt' for PS1 games.
	In the txt file you write the path of the file. In example: 'ms0:/seplugins/plugin.prx 1'. The number 1 means that
	the plugin should be enabled, no number other numbers means that the plugin should be disabled.
  * Pack the folder into a ZIP file. IMPORTANT: The prefix of the file MUST be 'P_'. In example: 'P_PLUGIN.ZIP' or 'P_CXMB.ZIP'.
    Also here, the file must be UPPER CASE LETTER and max. 8 characters long.
  * Copy the archive to the savedata folder and transfer it to your PS Vita using CMA. Ensure that the savedata is at least as big as your ZIP file is.
  * Launch your exploit game and hold the R TRIGGER as soon as the white screen will appear. This leads you to the recovery menu.
  * While in TN Recovery menu, select 'Plugins -> Plugins installer ->'.
  * You should now see your archive you just transfered. So...install your plugin.
  * The plugin has been installed successfully. For the furthur you can manage your plugins in 'Plugins -> Plugins manager ->'.
    And if you want to delete all plugins, just use 'Plugins -> Remove all plugins'.
  * Exit the recovery menu and enjoy TN-V.
* If this tutorial was too complicated for you, just try with the included plugins 'P_LEDA.ZIP', 'P_CXMB.ZIP' and 'P_DAYVIE.ZIP'.
  Open the archive and see how it is done - pretty simple.
* Also, you can create archives with more than only one plugin. You just have to put all the plugins into the archive and add all paths to the txt file.
  Try the included example for all plugins: 'P_ALL.ZIP'. This installs leda, cxmb and dayviewer.
* Tip: You can also add your themes to the package (i.e. P_CXMB.ZIP/PSP/THEME/MYTHEME.CTF).

[How to install ISOs]
* Copy your ISO game to the savedata folder where you can find 'TN.BIN' and 'FLASH0.TN'. The file must be UPPER CASE LETTER and max. 8 characters long.
  (In example: MYGAME.ISO)
* Transfer the savedata to your PS Vita using CMA. Ensure that the savedata is at least as big as your ISO game is.
* Launch your exploit game and boot the VSH, then select 'Memory Stick' in the 'Game' column.
* Press triangle on the game and select 'Install' to move the ISO to 'ms0:/ISO'.
* The ISO doesn't appear directly. You first have to close the game menu, select something else, and then reopen it.

[How to install ZIPs]
* Create an ZIP archive of a homebrew, saved as: "XXXXXXXX.ZIP/PSP/GAME/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/EBOOT.PBP", where 'XXXXXXXX' is the name of the archive and 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' of your homebrew.
* Save the archive in the savedata folder where you can find 'TN.BIN' and 'FLASH0.TN'. The file must be UPPER CASE LETTER and max. 8 characters long.
  (In example: MYZIP.ZIP)
* Transfer the savedata to your PS Vita using CMA. Ensure that the savedata is at least as big as your ZIP archive is.
* Launch your exploit game and boot the VSH, then select 'Memory Stick' in the 'Game' column.
* Press triangle on the homebrew and select 'Install' to extract the contents to your Memory Card.
* The homebrew doesn't appear directly. You first have to close the game menu, select something else, and then reopen it.

[Accessing Recovery menu and VSH menu]
* You can access the recovery menu by holding R while the exploited game is launching (should be pressed before the green screen appears) or selecting 'RECOVERY MENU' in VSH menu.
* The VSH menu opens with the button 'SELECT'.

[Network Update]
* 6.60 TN-V offers you the possibility to update TN-V to its newest revision. To check the newest update, select 'Network Update' in the 'Settings' column.

* Thanks to Dark_AleX for all his great work since 2005.
* Thanks to Hackinformer and Mathieulh for betatesting.
* Thanks to Freakler who prepared all user exploits.
* Thanks to wololo who organized the ninja release.
* Thanks to every developer who provides his game exploit to the scene (special thanks to Acid_Snake, Qwikrazor87, Patchouli and 173210).

- Source: []

Spoiler for TN-V5:
Total-Noob @ wololo Wrote:I haven't taken a rest - on the contrary, I have worked hard on a new update for you guys! This update brings you many pretty features, many bug fixes and also, now you have got a 'Plugin installer' included in the recovery menu! In the package, there are some plugins as examples. Also, check this thread for homebrews and plugins:

The pretty new changelog:
* Added 'Plugins installer' to recovery menu (Plugins » Plugins installer »).
* Added option to hide non-working items in XMB (these items will be hidden: Character Set,
UMD Auto-Start, USB Auto Connect, Format Memory Stick, Power Save Settings, Network Settings and Remote Play).
* Added option to hide the volume bar in the home menu.
* Fixed bug that made some ISO's showing as corrupt.
* Fixed plugin loading crash.
* Fixed autorun feature (also corrected its filename in recovery menu).
* Fixed the sleep-timer in music player. It's cool, because the Vita's music player doesn't have this feature.
* Improved 'Install Addon' feature. Kxploit'ed homebrews, aka 1.50 homebrews can now be installed correctly.
ZIP's which do not contain EBOOT.PBP don't create corrupt icons anymore.
* Improved system stability. Hopefully there are no issues with FTP app and no blue screen of death anymore.
* Renamed 'Hide CFW folders' to 'Allow anti-CFW games'. People who play DJMAX game should enable this.

Also, you can grap TN-V5 directly from your XMB! Just go to 'Network update' - in TN-V4, not in PS Vita livearea :P (also, you can just create a random SSID when you are asked to connect to a WLAN).

READ README.TXT!! it here, but I suggest you to download it from XMB, as you'll see a pretty updater using VLF by Dark_AleX!


Have fun!


- Source: [[i]]

Spoiler for TN-V4:

Total_Noob’s TN-V4 lets you run a variety of PSP Homebrews, plugins, and emulators on your PS Vita. It is compatible up to firmware 3.01 included (the latest PS Vita firmware at the time of this writing), and requires you to own one of the exploitable games (Arcade Darts, 101 in 1 Megamix, King of Pool, Half Minute Hero, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, etc.).


For now, the installation process is a bit rough, but I’m sure our community will have tutorials and more “user friendly” packages up in a few hours. In the meantime, please follow the instructions below:


Download 660.PBP here. (choose the PSP 1000/2000/3000 version, *not* the PSP Go version). Depending on the download links, if the file you download is named EBOOT.PBP, rename it into 660.PBP
Download TN-V4′s binary files here
Download the TN-V4 Loader for your game here. Choose the download that matches your game and region!
If you don’t have it already, download and install OpenCMA


Extract the savedata from the TN-V4 loader of your game on your hard drive, in your CMA’s PSAVEDATA/xxxxx folder (where xxxx are a bunch of letters and numbers).
Copy TN.BIN, FLASH0.TN, and 660.PBP in the game’s savedata folder (where you can find ‘H.BIN’)
Copy the game’s savedata to your Vita, using OpenCMA
Running TN-V4

Now run the exploit for the game (the trigger varies on the game. For 101-in-1 megamix, just loading the savedata should be enough) and TN-V should start.
On the first boot, the recovery menu will appear automatically.
Select ‘Advanced »’ menu and then select ‘Install 6.60 files’ (this step is only needed if you’ve never used TN-V4 before).
Enjoy the install progress.
After the install is done, go back and exit the recovery menu.
Enjoy TN’s awesome work.
If the instructions above are not enough to get you started, head over to for more details and files. You can also ask for help in the comments section below, or in the forums


Wee’ll try to keep you up to date with more user friendly packages and tutorials, as I said above I’m sure they will come soon. Now get crazy and start downloading a few emulators and homebrews, wee have a huge list here, and here.

Please post feedback and issues below. This is a huge release with many files and many possible scenarios, so it is highly possible a few mistakes slipped in the release. If it doesn’t work for you right now, please report your problems as precisely as possible, and don’t lose your temper!

-via Wololo

Donate to Total-Noob HERE
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 Google Removes App Ops From KitKat
13/12/2013 12:37 PM Posted by: Joom in Tech News
EFF Wrote:Yesterday, wee published a blog post lauding an extremely important app privacy feature that was added in Android 4.3. That feature allows users to install apps while preventing the app from collecting sensitive data like the user's location or address book.

After wee published the post, several people contacted us to say that the feature had actually been removed in Android 4.4.2, which was released earlier this week. Today, wee installed that update to our test device, and can confirm that the App Ops privacy feature that wee were excited about yesterday is in fact now gone.

When asked for comment, Google told us that the feature had only ever been released by accident — that it was experimental, and that it could break some of the apps policed by it. Wee are suspicious of this explanation, and do not think that it in any way justifies removing the feature rather than improving it.

The disappearance of App Ops is alarming news for Android users. The fact that they cannot turn off app permissions is a Stygian hole in the Android security model, and a billion people's data is being sucked through. Embarrassingly, it is also one that Apple managed to fix in iOS years ago.

Read More

Good job, Google. This really doesn't help your already bad image.
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 New Pro CFW . .Maybe?
07/12/2013 11:46 PM Posted by: xLoupGarou in PSP Theme Releases
It's a new version for me . . . DLC fix only for 6.60

Go to this link :


Hope you like it      Yay
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