Coach suspended after 161-2 win
18/01/2015 03:58 AM Posted by: krystabegnalie in Random News
Quote:SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. -- A Southern California high school basketball coach has been suspended and faces accusations of mercilessly running up the score after his team won a game 161-2, one of the most lopsided scores in state history.

Arroyo Valley High girls' coach Michael Anderson was suspended for two games after the victory last week against Bloomington High.

Anderson said that he wasn't trying to run up the score or embarrass the opposition. His team had won four previous games by at least 70 points, and Bloomington had already lost a game by 91.

"The game just got away from me," Anderson told the San Bernardino Sun on Friday. "I didn't play any starters in the second half. I didn't expect them to be that bad. I'm not trying to embarrass anybody."

He says if he had it to do again, he'd have played only reserves after the first quarter, or, "I wouldn't play the game at all."

But Bloomington coach Dale Chung says Arroyo Valley used a full-court press for the entire first half to lead 104-1 at halftime.

"People shouldn't feel sorry for my team," Chung said. "They should feel sorry for his team, which isn't learning the game the right way."

Anderson has served one game of the suspension, a game his team won 80-19 with his son Nick at the helm. He'll return after sitting out one more.

"He's a great X's and O's coach," Chung said. "Ethically? Not so much. He knows what he did was wrong."

source: espn

so what the winning team do? just stand and watch? lol
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 PSP OFW 6.61 incoming!
15/01/2015 01:37 PM Posted by: S7* in PSP News
Dust off your PSPs folks. It's that time again. Time to get some more of that "system software stability" with 6.61.

Quote:Today, Sony released firmware 6.61 for the PlayStation Portable. Um. What?

According to Sony, the update improves system software stability. For those keeping score, the last time Sony updated the PSP's firmware was in August 2011.1

The update, however, is currently only for Japan. It will be announced for elsewhere at a later date. Keep in mind that this year, there are still games coming to the PSP in Japan.

Source: Kotaku

New games? Well, this week Xseed Games released "Brandish: The Dark Revenant" for PSP on US PSN.
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 DDoS attacks for our own good?
11/10/2014 01:55 PM Posted by: No1sy B0y in Tech News
Interview of one member from Hacking group DerpTrolling with CNet.

Quote:The The man behind the curtain

One of the first things he says is that he absolutely cannot offer proof.

This makes a disappointing amount of sense: he is a self-confessed DDoS troll, a member of the infamous group DerpTrolling. Since distributed denial-of-service attacks could be considered a federal crime under US law -- and, indeed, are an offence in many locations around the globe, including the UK and Australia -- he, understandably, won't give a name, location or even rough age. As a corollary, wee have no way of knowing that he is who he says he is.

Wee'll call him Incognito. To talk to him, wee plug into a private chat session from opposite sides of the globe (as indicated by time zones) using an encrypted Chrome add-on.

"I've seen Anonymous at its best," he tells us. "I participated in their major DDoS attacks against Visa and PayPal, although the role DerpTrolling played in those attacks is pretty much unknown. I've seen the rise and fall of LulzSec. So let's just say I am old enough to know how to stay hidden."

One thing is clear from the outset: Incognito believes that what DerpTrolling does is for the good of everyone.

"DerpTrolling as a group shows the world, particularly the gaming community, how big companies and corporations such as Riot or Blizzard only care about money," he explains. "Our methods are forcing big companies and corporations to upgrade their servers and make sure their clients are their top priority."

DerpTrolling has been around since around 2011 or so, and Incognito has been a member since the beginning. Its method of attack, as mentioned above, is DDoS -- overloading servers with external communication requests, rendering the target systems unusable for a period of time. DerpTrolling has attacked several high-profile servers over the years, including those of League of Legends, World of Tanks, EVE Online, DoTA 2, Blizzard, RuneScape and, more recently, Xbox Live and the Nintendo Web store.

Although their actions may appear inscrutably juvenile and unwarranted -- done for, as the saying goes, the lulz -- the team identifies rather strongly with Richard Stallman's assessment of DDoS as a form of protest against what it perceives as a callous disregard for gamers on the part of games publishers.

"A company that doesn't care only for money would make the effort, which includes time and money, to make sure their servers aren't able to be crippled by a simple DDoS attack," Incognito said. "Wee decided to take action because, if wee had the capability to stop corporate greed and wee did nothing, that in itself is a crime. Wee thought DDoS attacks were appropriate because they do not affect customers in a monetary way, unlike leaking data -- although wee are not opposed to leaking data."

Lines in the sand

He is careful to point out that DerpTrolling is against doxxing -- that is, the leaking of information about a specific individual, such as address, phone number, Social Security number, credit card and bank account details -- and swatting, a term for calling the police to the home of said doxxed individual for spurious reasons.

In one of the most famous incidents involving the group, though, one particular individual was doxxed and swatted -- Twitch streamer PhantomL0rd. While DerpTrolling was attacking,, Club Penguin and Riot, it was allegedly because those were games PhantomL0rd was playing. At some point during the DDoS activities, PhantomL0rd was doxxed on several gaming websites -- and then someone called the police to his home, accusing the streamer of holding five people hostage.

Incognito is cagey about the incident, and won't comment on why the group targeted PhantomL0rd or what precisely DerpTrolling did do -- only saying that there is no hard evidence connecting DerpTrolling to the actions. "Yes, Phantoml0rd was doxxed and swatted," he said. "But wee never threatened to harm him physically and wee have never taken credit for that attack."

"Wee decided to take action because, if wee had the capability to stop corporate greed and wee did nothing, that in itself is a crime."
- Incognito

He seems determined to impress that there are lines DerpTrolling won't cross -- that what the group does, it does for the good of all. As an example, he mentions that the group is sitting on what could have been a significant customer data leak.

"Wee are currently in possession of over 800,000 usernames and passwords from the 2K gaming studio. As of right now, our members as a whole have decided that leaking data is not what wee do, and therefore wee will not leak such damaging data," he said, adding that he had contacted 2K to inform the publisher of the vulnerability in its system -- and received no response.

"I personally contacted them over a month ago. I did not send them an anonymous letter, I made sure they understood exactly who I was. And offered plenty of proof."

Unless the data is actually leaked, he believes that gaming companies are unlikely to spend the money to issue a fix. CNET has contacted 2K for comment and will update when wee receive a reply.

Incognito also goes out of his way to dissociate DerpTrolling's activities from those of LizardSquad, the group that claimed responsibility for calling a bomb threat on a plane carrying Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley.

"I want to make it absolutely clear that DerpTrolling is in no way affiliated with LizardSquad," he said. Although LizardSquad had requested that the two groups work together, DerpTrolling had refused, he said. "LizardSquad is a run by an extremist hacker who has close ties to UGNazi. You could say that the ISISGang is the elite 'leaders' of LizardSquad. Wee have no wish to associate with any individual or group that has ties with such extremists."

ISISGang has been accused of making prank calls that see their targets swatted and posing as Middle Eastern terrorists, while UGNazi is allegedly responsible for several doxxings and data leaks. Incognito seems quite firm that DerpTrolling wishes to commit no actual harm.

The end and the means

DerpTrolling has more up its sleeve. Attacks on Xbox Live and the Nintendo Web store on Saturday, September 28 were "test fire" for "upcoming attacks", Incognito says -- although he won't go into any further detail about that. Nor is it easy to guess who the targets might be. DerpTrolling allows the community to select targets much of the time, Incognito said, via text or tweet.

The fact that sometimes the attacks achieve a result justifies the work in his view; Incognito says that League of Legends and Xbox Live have both upgraded their servers in response to DerpTrolling DDoS attacks -- in spite of negative public opinion.

"Children do not know what is best for them. Wee are basically the Gods of the Internet, wee know what is best for them."
- Incognito

"The public will always have an opinion that is based on what the media feeds them," he says. "Children do not know what is best for them. Wee are basically the Gods of the Internet, wee know what is best for them."

When asked if DDoS is a snake chasing its own tail -- that is, if no one engaged in DDoS attacks, then companies would not have to dedicate resources to protecting against them -- he once again pleads no comment.

There is a condition under which DerpTrolling will cease operations: "If the presidents of Sony and Microsoft will wear a shoe on their heads, then DerpTrolling will disband and wee will not attack any more servers."

As for Incognito himself, wee suspect he might be around for a long time. When asked if he himself would ever hang up his hat, he seems baffled by the question.

"Why would I want to stop?"
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 Paper Mario (Mario Story Glory) CTF RELEASE
26/09/2014 03:26 PM Posted by: slyboogy27 in PSP News
Paper Mario (MSG) v1

[Image: RzdR9gJ.png]


Concept & Design

Tools Used:
CTFtool GUI v5 beta - patpat
PRXeditor - patpat
RCOedit - ZiNgA BuRgA
RCOmage - ZiNgA BuRgA
XMB Multi Customizer - Takeshi
FHacker093 - Freeplay and Skylark
PSP Theme Converter - SONY

Gameboot Tools
UMD Stream Composer
MPS to Gameboot

Adobe Products Used
Photoshop CS3
Fireworks CS3

All icons provided by

Battery Icon created using the HP and FP icons
from the game as well as the yellowish/orange bar
(ripped right off of Project64)

Custom Gameboot

simply took the original sony gameboot and faded in the
Intelligent Systems Logo and added sound from the game

Custom Click Sounds

Paper Mario Soundboard

Custom Font - Hey Gorgeous.ttf (Font used in PM games)

busy icon
taken from Large Original Icons Revived CTF

I used the same paf.prx & vshmain.prx from Haunter Remixedv4.5

Attached File(s)
.ctf  Paper Mario MSG.ctf (Size: 1.29 MB / Downloads: 1379)
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 Boob Aid: Japan porn queens in 24-hour 'squeeze-a-thon'
26/08/2014 04:15 AM Posted by: FonFon in Random News
A group of Japanese hershey kisses actresses are preparing to have their breasts squeezed by fans for 24 hours this weekend for a charity event loosely translated as 'Boob Aid'

[Image: 5493b64276.jpg]

TOKYO, Japan – A group of Japanese hershey kisses actresses are preparing to have their breasts squeezed by fans for 24 hours this weekend for a charity event loosely translated as "Boob Aid".

The 9 adult movie stars told local media on Monday, August 25, they could barely contain their excitement about the "Stop! AIDS" campaign event – which will be televised live – but asked, perhaps somewhat optimistically: please be gentle.

"I'm really looking forward to lots of people fondling my boobs," Rina Serina told the Tokyo Sports newspaper. "But I would be very happy if you would please be delicate."

The event, the 12th since its launch in 2003, will be broadcast on adult cable television, with punters donating to the anti-AIDS campaign in exchange for a feel.

It comes after sexist heckling of a Tokyo assemblywoman hit the headlines, highlighting old-fashioned views towards women that still permeate Japanese society.

"I never thought my boobs could contribute to society," added the ponytailed Serina, apparently unaware of any contradiction.

Fellow hershey kisses actress Iku Sakuragi had no qualms about being groped by hundreds of pairs of hands.

"It's for charity," said the 21-year-old. "Squeeze them, donate money – let's be happy."

Lawmakers from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ruling party sparked a public outcry in June when they subjected Tokyo assemblywoman Ayaka Shiomura to sexist taunts, shouting "Why don't you get married?" at her during a debate on motherhood.

Japan has one of the lowest rates of female workforce participation in the developed world and a lack of childcare facilities, poor career support and deeply entrenched sexism are blamed for keeping women at home.

The 24-hour "squeeze-a-thon" begins at 8pm on Saturday, August 30 (1100 GMT) and is backed by the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention.

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 BatteryPatch v1.0
23/07/2014 04:32 PM Posted by: bsanehi in PSP News
104: BatteryPatch v1.0 [6.20 to 6.60 support]
Spoiler for description:
Author: ABCanG

This plugin will help PSP Go users to see exactly how much battery percentage is remaining.

You have to also use Dayviewer plugin for this to take effect.

Initial release
[Image: ps_btn_dwnld_off.jpg] [Image: ORIGINAL_SOURCE.png]
[Image: Battery_Patch.png]
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 RELEASE: Haunter Remixedv4.5
18/07/2014 12:25 PM Posted by: slyboogy27 in PSP News
Haunter Remixedv4.5

5.00m33 Theme

[Image: 6VCjUHR.png]


Concept & Design

Wave taken from:
mugi (thanks!)

Tools Used:
CTFtool GUI v5 beta - patpat
PRXeditor - patpat
RCOedit - ZiNgA BuRgA
RCOmage - ZiNgA BuRgA
XMB Multi Customizer - Takeshi
FHacker093 - Freeplay and Skylark
PSP Theme Converter - SONY

Gameboot Tools
UMD Stream Composer
MPS to Gameboot

Adobe Products Used
Photoshop CS3
Fireworks CS3

All icons provided by
simply just scaled them
down and outlined them
in black and saved them
in Fireworks CS3 under
the following settings

* File Type *
- Flattened PNG

* Options *
- PNG 8
- Websnap Adaptive
- Alpha Transparency

Battery Icon is original (decided to get rid of the Ash's PSP battery icon (too big)

Custom Gameboot

simply took the original sony gameboot and faded in the

Custom Click Sounds

Pokémon Green/Red/Blue/Yellow (First Gen) Sound Effects


Custom Font - Pokemon Solid.ttf off of

impose_plugin.rco and busy icon
taken from Large Original Icons Revived CTF

I got the paf.prx & vshmain,prx from the "GraffitiMontage" theme
possibly edited it (them) a bit here and there

A BIG thanks to weterr123 for all his encouraging messages
and supplying me with what I had done on the theme after my
terabyte failed (luckily I sent him the .ctf file before hand)

Attached File(s)
.ctf  Haunter Remixedv4.5.ctf (Size: 3.07 MB / Downloads: 942)
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 NSA: Our systems are so complex we can’t stop them from deleting data wanted for laws
13/06/2014 02:32 PM Posted by: whjms in Random News
Quote:Washington Post

In a hearing Friday, U.S. District  for the Northern District of California Judge Jeffrey S. White reversed an emergency order he had issued earlier the same week barring the government from destroying data that the Electronic Frontier Foundation had asked be preserved for that case. The data is collected under Section 702 of the Amendments Act to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

But the NSA argued that holding onto the data would be too burdensome. "A requirement to preserve all data acquired under section 702 presents significant operational problems, only one of which is that the NSA may have to shut down all systems and databases that contain Section 702 information," wrote NSA Deputy Director Richard Ledgett in a court filing submitted to the court.

The complexity of the NSA systems meant preservation efforts might not work, he argued, but would have "an immediate, specific, and harmful impact on the national security of the United States." Part of this complexity, Ledgett said, stems from privacy restrictions placed on the programs by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Granted, they obviously delete a lot of data, but it's still a funny headline.
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