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Custom PSP Theme Pack 4: C Edition
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Custom PSP Theme Pack 4: C Edition
PSP NIKOS and PSP Viper have just dropped by, and you know that means, guys. Yup - wee are proud to announce the release of PSP Theme Pack 4: C Edition, which carries over even more goodies than its predecessor. Expect to find these new features when you download the pack:

    * New XMB 01-12 backgrounds [made by me]
    * New XMB 01-12 bmp merger/splitter with padding Flash Agent F4 [Use Dummy Files]
    * Cool ready made XMB waves including: Cool Ultimate Vista looking XMB [By Undertaxx], and Cool Blue XMB [By RaiderXXX]
    * 2.71 PRX pack including: Brightness mod, Screen Capture XMB, and Game MP3 Player
    * PSP game structure utility modifier
    * New TGA Wave Editor which allows you to modify Bootwaves
    * Loller Bootwaves Pack - Plasma v2 Battery mod [shows percentage in XMB]

The pair reminds everybody (as do wee) to view the corresponding READMEs available in the pack's various apps to prevent potential bricking incidents. As always, PSP Viper and PSP NIKOS would like to give their thanks to the PSP programmers and QJ.Net for making the project happen (you're welcome). Just remember to clear some space - the bundle is now at 39MB. Just clear up your previous versions (Keep Pack 3), and you should be fine.

[Image: cooltext45333229xq7.gif]

[Image: unicef320x41thumbnail.gif]

[Image: bizsparkstartup.jpg]
28/02/2007 12:27 AM
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RE: Custom PSP Theme Pack 4: C Edition
hmmm... pretty cool though i don't feel like doing anything to my theme anymore cause i spent hours getting it like it is now :P

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28/02/2007 01:44 AM
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