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Curtain Call Brawl 5.00 M33 / 6.60 Pro-C / 6.61 ∞ (Infinity) / 6.61 Ad
Big release finally after so much time it's done.
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Curtain Call Brawl 5.00 M33 / 6.60 Pro-C / 6.61 ∞ (Infinity) / 6.61 Ad
Curtain Call Brawl
5.00 M33 / 6.60 Pro-C / 6.61 ∞ (Infinity) / 6.61 Adrenaline Release:

Best if used with Game Categories Lite (Contextual view/mode)
Hopefully, I'm able to fix this little bug I'll be sure to post the fix when/if it gets done.
You'll see what I mean if you try to go to multiple MS option on Game Categories Lite.

Post Release Announcement:
Okay so after TESTING this theme it seems there are quite a few bugs! I will be fixing them over the next week or two.
Hopefully able to correct everything and I'll upload brand new files for everyone to download.
I know this is probably my most popular theme thus far so wait for the newer-ish download.
Taking down the downloads for right now, they should be back up soon with the correctly functioning theme!

Post Re-release announcement:
Okay so after trying very hard to shave down these themes to free up resource space to make things work
a little smoother and not have so many glitches...I have come to the realization that I simply cannot fix the
bugs that are in not only this theme but my Pokemon SoulSilver theme. The best bet is to just have
Categories Lite set to Contextual Menu and scroll through your apps and games that way. I really wish
I could have fixed the problems but I simply don't know how. I'm a graphic designer,
not really a PSP expert, I happen to know JUST enough to make themes. I hope someone can step in and
fix these themes because as of right now the only one I see posting themes is me. A little help would be
greatly appreciated! Thank you all for your understanding in the matter the files will be re-uploaded as
they were originally.

Visit the website for more information and credits:

5.00 M33 / 6.61 Adrenaline Preview:
[Image: lPRdVP4.png]

6.60 Pro-C / 6.61 Infinity Preview:
[Image: BPaKkB5.png]

Attached File(s)
.ctf  Curtain Call Brawlv500.ctf (Size: 6.29 MB / Downloads: 204)
.ctf  Curtain Call Brawlv660.ctf (Size: 6.22 MB / Downloads: 211)
.ctf  CurtainCall Brawl-Infin.ctf (Size: 6.22 MB / Downloads: 219)
.ctf  Curtain Call Brawl-Adren.ctf (Size: 6.21 MB / Downloads: 210)

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