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Paper Mario Mario Story Glory 6.61 ∞ (Infinity) / 6.60 & Adrenaline Release
Paper Mario (MSG)
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Paper Mario Mario Story Glory 6.61 ∞ (Infinity) / 6.60 & Adrenaline Re
Paper Mario Mario Story Glory
Paper Mario (MSG)
6.61 ∞ (Infinity) & 6.60 / PS Vita (Adrenaline) CTF Release

[Image: aHFN3bb.png]

6.60 Theme doubles as both 6.60 Pro-C theme file as well as PS Vita Adrenaline CTF

Concept & Design
& whoever made the
Graffiti Montage theme
as I used its spacing
and UI for my base

Wave and background mod
taken from: mugi (Thanks!)
Background made by me:
BigDaddyWeaves of course!!

Tools Used:
CTFtoolGUI v5 Beta3 – patpat & ErikPshat
PRXeditor – patpat
RCOedit - ZiNgA BuRgA
RCOmage - ZiNgA BuRgA
XMB Multi Customizer – Takeshi
FHacker093 - Freeplay and Skylark
PSP Theme Converter – SONY
and many others that I haven't
mentioned THANK YOU ALL

Gameboot Tools
1) avi2wav
2) UMD Stream Composer
3) MPS to Gameboot
4) SUPER converter

Adobe Products Used
1) Photoshop CS3 (Editing sprites, creating wallpaper)
2) Fireworks CS3 (Saving all .png files for .rco’s)
3) Dreamweaver CS3 (Editing .xml files from .rco's)
4) Premiere Pro CS3 (Editing and making gameboot)

All icons provided by

Custom Gameboot
I simply faded in the Intelligent Systems Logo and
added a sound effect from the game

All custom click sounds provided by
A great collection of .wav sounds ripped by Parakarry.

Custom Font - Agenda-Black.otf by Greg Thompson (1993)
- used this again but upped the font size and looked pretty good
so I kept it, I thought the last one was too small

6.61 ∞ (Infinity) is the: Paper Mario (MSG).ctf link
6.60 / PS Vita (Adrenaline) is the: Paper Mario (MSG)-Adren.ctf link

Attached File(s)
.ctf  Paper Mario (MSG).ctf (Size: 6.02 MB / Downloads: 493)
.ctf  Paper Mario (MSG)-Adren.ctf (Size: 6.02 MB / Downloads: 355)

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