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Asus Tinkerboard development
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Asus Tinkerboard development
After many years away from the PSP scene... I looked. My last login was in 2010 :( I'm back now though. In the years since I was past here, things have changed. I'm now a certified software developer, I make Android ROMs over on xda, but my love for gaming followed me into my 30s, so I kept doing what I do.
And now I've got some Asus Tinkerboard, it's like raspberry pi but with more power. I'm one of the developers of ROTT(RetroPie on the Tinkerboard). Wee just released version 1.0.6, with fully working Dreamcast, PS1 and PSP.  When i was working on PSP it brought my memory back to my younger days in my early twenties and I realised how long it had been since I was here last. So I came back. I'll be sharing some work for the Tinkerboard, and soon nano fire 3 sbc.
22/02/2019 08:27 AM
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RE: Asus Tinkerboard development
Good to hear what you've been up to and cool project to be working on.
The Tinkerboard does look like a nice powerful board, which should allow you to emulate stuff better than a Raspberry Pi.

PSP is a very old system nowadays, which means emulators work quite well and even phones can run such games at decent speeds.  Even its successor, PSVita, is considered old these days.
24/02/2019 05:22 AM
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