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Where are you all now?
Where our lives have taken us since the departure
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Exclamation Where are you all now?
Hey everyone feels like forever since I've constructed a thread like this....

I hope to hear from you where your life has taken you.

I guess ill start.

2013 prior not alot.
2013 graduated universty
2014-2015 further studying in arizona, USA mostly in computer design & coding
2016 Moved to tokyo for holiday.
2017 - start-year, Moved permanently.

2017-Present   living just west of tokyo, Japan.
Working for a small development company with UI/PHP frontend and backend designer in the inner city of tokyo.

For reasons i can't disclose what company i work for.

Still currently studying Japanese. but proud enough to work in a company & country with very loose association to the english language.
28/09/2018 08:04 PM
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RE: Where are you all now?
How truthful should wee be? ;)

Those who checked in with my blog postings will know I lived in Spain for a long time, and got some work experience in an office first doing telemarketing then moving to IT Admin/Support.

Then in late 2012 I moved to London, worked in a white goods / electronics store over the holidays and then early 2013 I got a job at a Digital Media company doing content delivery stuff which I was pretty good at so I've stayed there working my way up the ladder bit by bit.

I have a real love/hate relationship with this city. I love it for its live music, cinemas and parks. I hate it for its pace - a constant rush is the opposite of my natural temperament, haha. Also the tension/hostility that you feel from people living here, and how snobby and fake they can be.

I'll escape eventually, but for now, for work, it's okay.
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29/09/2018 04:49 PM
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RE: Where are you all now?
before 2015: not a lot
late 2016: ran out of money during college had to drop out to get work that paid bills
early 2017: moved back to my hometown, wage down, hours down, taxes down, final pay up Uhh
late 2017: got promoted to dept head
early 2018: promoted to manager
now: fixing my previous mistakes

that guy
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01/10/2018 01:26 PM
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RE: Where are you all now?
2007-2012: No friends. Dropped out of school. Total shut-in. Had to take care of my grandfather. Made friends online. Met a beautiful girl online.

2013: Loving my new girlfriend. Would chat with her every single day. Got my GED. Went to a local community college to enroll into online courses (had to stay home and look after my grandfather while my sister worked). Moved to another state to live with my aunt once he passed away. Was involuntarily withdrawn from my courses. Depression and anxiety almost consumed me, but Skyping with my girlfriend and chatting with other friends helped pull me through.

2014: Started some Hell on Earth trade school to get away from my family for two years. Was partially homeless (I say partially because I couldn't go back to my aunt's house, so I just stayed in the school's dorms). Got a part time job as a cashier at a grocery store. Made lots of friends in school, despite it being a hellhole.

2015: Someone broke into my room and 'borrowed' all my gaming stuff because they had a master key. Me and the girlfriend decide to call it quits shortly after, tossing 2 years and 7 months down the drain. I became a different person so wee grew apart. I was promoted to Floor Supervisor/Customer service Rep and saved up for a place for when I finished school.

2016: Moved into a new place. Still working the same retail job, but transferred to a store closer to where I live now. The store manager there was an unreasonable chocolate cake and cut my hours which it made it super hard to pay my rent, so I found a new job and quit without notice (I didn't think I would get hired). Started new full-time job with full benefits and enough pay to sustain me as a file clerk.

2018: Still working for the same company and was recently promoted to data entry.

Now: I love my job, and I have a lot of RL friends that I don't text because I'm the "I'll see you when I see you," kind of person, unless wee've met online. Oh, and depression sucks, but everything is fine for the most part now.

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01/11/2018 08:01 PM
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