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Pokémon Starter Sprite Custom Home Screen
5.00M33 Home Screen Modification
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Pokémon Starter Sprite Custom Home Screen
Here's the download link for the new Pokémon Starter Sprite Custom Home Screen.
Featuring the original 3 starter Pokémon

What this will do...
Changes your boring old Home Screen Menu to the new Pokémon Starter Sprite Custom Home Screen

============= CREDITS ==================

Imposer GUI v0.1
Imposer.exe v0.2 by Z33
Original image shown below:

[Image: H84q3sP.png]

(whoever created this did a very good job)
I simply Pixelated it and shrunk the sprites

============== GUIDE ===================

Make sure you are on 5.00m33-6
Hold R trigger while booting PSP
Recovery menu will open
Now select "Advanced" and then "Toggle USB (flash 0)"
Plug PSP into computer and drag files from .zip file into the appropriate folders
(everything is already in the correct folder so it makes it easier)

============= WARNING ==================

If done wrong this will semi-brick your PSP some people may even fully brick, if done completely wrong.
Make sure to follow the instructions carefully.
I will NOT be held responsible for any damage you cause to your PSP if you just so happen to mess up somewhere along the way.
ONLY for 5.00m33-6 firmware (currently)
– hopefully information comes in for different firm-wares
(really want to make a 6.61 custom home screen)

============== BUGS ====================

PSX Home Screen Pixelated Mess
(Non-Fixable to this day, I think)
When pressing the home button on a PSX Game you'll get this pixelated mess.
Don't worry, everything still functions but the volume ticks don't show up anymore and the AVLS and battery icon blink continuously.
Also the volume bar doesn't show up on the main XMB anymore and the mute icon is displayed.
This really only looks good on homebrew games like homebrew EBOOT's and of course ISO's/CSO's
(so if you can deal with a few downfalls I think you'll definitely enjoy this.)

Here's a preview of what you'll be seeing/installing

[Image: 4QANQgJ.png]

[Image: phmOTXu.png]

[Image: VP2MMAG.png]

Enjoy everyone!
If anyone has information on how to do this with 6.61 PRX and RSC files,
please send me a message or comment on this post!

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