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Streaming Services
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Streaming Services
Another thread because I'm bored and I don't want to go to bed even though I should

Google Play Music for the WIN. Being able to upload my library is a plus and you get YouTube Red as a bonus.
With the rise of streaming I find myself downloading albums less and less.

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29/04/2016 09:19 PM
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Vacui Natale
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RE: Streaming Services
I don't really stream music much, but I was listening to stations on Google Play Music for a little while. Haven't done that in a while though, so I can't really vote. Also, I only used Spotify once to stream Kid Cudi's Speeding Bullet 2 Heaven album.

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29/04/2016 10:49 PM
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Sweet Dreams

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RE: Streaming Services
Spotify after Rdio closed shop. Spotify's Web Player is just awful though and I miss Rdio :(

I buy a lot of music so I make use of Amazon's AutoRip feature / cloud library which is nice.
01/05/2016 01:24 AM
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Smart Alternative

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RE: Streaming Services
Don't stream anything, but out of the above, Spotify is the only one I've tried before.

Whilst the idea of the service is nice, being forced to use a locked down player doesn't go down well with me.  I like my customisability.
12/05/2016 11:32 PM
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