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Updated [Perfect] Super Mario Bros. 3 Custom Home Screen
Finally figured it out again, and this time it's perfect.
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RE: Updated [Perfect] Super Mario Bros. 3 Custom Home Screen
(17/11/2015 12:42 PM)Joom Wrote:  That said though, how much does Sony even care about the PSP these days? Are developers even making money off of UMDs anymore?

I still buy UMDs (brand new off of Amazon). I plan on collecting all my favorite games, so far I have 22 UMD's all in their original packaging (recently started buying). I'm actually gonna start working on a custom version of Paper Mario, the original - like the one I just posted a theme of, to be released on the PSP (don't know how I'm gonna do it) I'm sure people would enjoy it though, I'm gonna have to look up unity tutorials or maybe use something else? I don't know what developers use for the PSP, I assume whatever can output to PSP. I think everyone's too into the VITA now which I don't really like.

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17/11/2015 12:52 PM
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