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Want to increase your derp size?:) [Part 2]
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RE: Want to increase your derp size?:) [Part 2]
(16/04/2012 08:45 AM)games like a grrl Wrote:  So on the otaku test, I have a question.  "Speaks anime/manga lines-all the time", I really do say "Chii" a lot.  If I'm confused about something (almost daily) I'll give a short "Chii?", if I'm frustrated about something I screw mah eyes shut and say "CHIIII!"  'Course, it's really only around people who generally know how mentally deranged I am.  Does one word qualify fer the points?

I would think so since I mean a single word would also take up a "line"^^ And now I wonder if you are a second generation Chobit Hihi

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thanks Proper!
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