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Yinlips' Android-based YDPG18
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Yinlips' Android-based YDPG18
Looks like wee have android based clone of the PSP/Vita.
Looks very promising if i have it close to se it , maybe i could consider buy one.

[Image: yinlipsydpg181.jpg]

Quote:Don't call it a KIRF -- it's a Yinlips "Android Smart Game Player." Which is to say, it's an Xperia Play-like experience wrapped in PS Vita clothing. So basically, yeah, it's a KIRF. This form factor doppelganger hails from China and lacks the internal quad-core pizazz of the Sony next generation handheld it purports to be. Instead of standing on the precipice of portable gaming, this 5-inch pretender will net you a hum drum FroYo / Gingerbread-based (even its own website couldn't decide) OS packed with a slew of old school gaming emulators (from NES to N64), an array of ports including HDMI, a single core 1.2GHz processor complemented by 512MB of DDR2 RAM and WiFi. It's a must have device for, well, no one. But if you're the type who likes to burn money and carry about a virtual collection of video games past, then by all means, import away.


OFICIAL in chinese

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