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[Released] PSPLiveArea v1.5
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[Released] PSPLiveArea v1.5
[Image: lpoadu2776.png]

[Image: oladup2778.png]

Adula-Kun has updated his shell for PSP: PSPLiveArea
As you can see, this nifty shell imitates the look of the PS Vita while providing te user with many great features.

    Interface LiveArea
    Battery display
    USB mode (L Prinicpal Menu)
    File Manager: Lance ISO / CSO / PBP / LUA, opens in the browser HTML / HTM / PHP / GIF support ELF / PRX, open JPG / JPEG / PNG.
    Chat between two Ad-Hoc PSP with PSPLiveArea
    Internet Browser
    Access to Facebook
    Player VitaMedia
    HBStore included in the Shell
    Access to the site of Team Shippûden
    Wallpapers HD Hebus (Wi-Fi)
    Videos on PSP PSPFreePlayer (Wi-Fi)
    Access to Internet Radio
    LameCraft FR by Yonko-Boy
    Counter Strike 0.9 Portable
    Access Swf2PSP
    Composer of music
    Access to GMail
    Access to Twitter
    Access to MySpace
    Access to Yahoo! Mail

To switch from one menu to menu 2, press the blue button at the top right.
To switch the menu on the menu 2 HB, tap the "Triangle Square Circle Cross."

In the next version:
    Shell plugin start at the start of the PSP
    File Transfer Ad-Hoc
    And a surprise planned by the developer!

Spoiler for More Screens:
[Image: loaudp2777.png]

[Image: oulpad22af.png]

[Image: aodulp22b1.png]

[Image: uapdlo22b0.png]
Project Homepage:



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