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[Release] Q-Portal v7.5
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[Release] Q-Portal v7.5
[Image: 0701E0011000349230.png]

[Image: 0901E0011000349228.png]
Created By: Quentin2 and _LuKaS_

Q-Portal 7.5 is a portal full of all functions as practical as each other.To be more precise, here is a list of all the features of this portal.


- Access to several social networks:
+ Facebook
+ Twitter
+ Myspace
+ Flickr
+ Gmail.

-Access to all sites MediaGen
- Three pages of games flash
- Several applications flash
- Access to the following websites:
+ Google
+ The Boncoin mobile
+ Windows Live Mobile
+ Weather
+ Messenger mobile
+ Sncf mobile
+ TV program;
+ Wikipedia mobile
+ Yahoo
+ Life In Hell
+ Laposte
+ 20 minutes
+ Cinema
+ Eurosport
+ Yellow pages
+ Mappy
+ Zagaz
+ Lemonde
+ Marianne2
+ Geo
+ Current wife
+ The whole sky
+ Professional Football League
+ Rondo
+ Gala
+ Talk football.

- Explorer Memory Stick
- PSP-Cook , a cookbook for the PSP
- Flashlight , torch
- Time display
- System customization
- Radio
- Wallpapers PSP
- A check for updates.


~Download Q-Portal
~Connect your PSP to the computer via USB
~Pass your PSP in "USB mode" with the option "USB Connection"
~Right-click on the file you downloaded
~Choose "Extract Files ..."( WinRAR is advised)
~Choose like destination the letter assigned to your PSP from your computer
~Press OK and wait extraction files
~Quit the "USB mode" on your PSP
~Go to the menu Network> Internet Radio to launch Q-Portal.

Q-Portal v7.5


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19/06/2011 08:03 PM
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RE: [Release] Q-Portal v7.5
19/06/2011 08:12 PM
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RE: [Release] Q-Portal v7.5
Oh boy, another set of HTML pages with a horrible design that do the same thing all the others do.

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19/06/2011 08:12 PM
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