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[Release] HackInstaller 0.1
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[Release] HackInstaller 0.1
[Image: HackInstaller-01.jpg]

Not sure what exactly hits homebrew application does as the developer release with a french description . So it will be upto you to read the developer statement below which I was translated from French to English and under stand what it is . IF there is a French users who could post a small description of what this homebrew application known as HackInstaller 0.1 is about, Then feel free to leave a comment.

Quote:Developer Statement

I demmare the HackInstaller, he noticed that I’m 31/06 so it will give me the SHIFT 6.39, I install and reboots the I HackInstaller and he noticed that I sui in 6.39 so it will give me the downgrader + SHIFT 6.20 for the downgrade, I install and I come back in 6.20, I restart the HackInstaller it and see that I am 6.20 so it gives me PRO 6.20-B6.

Connect your PSP to your computer via USB,
Pass your PSP in “USB mode” with the option “USB Connection”
Right-click on the file you downloaded,
Choose “Extract files …”, (WinRAR is advised)
Choose like destination the letter of your PSP.
Press OK and wait extraction files
Quit the “USB mode “on your PSP
Go to the menu Thursday> Memory Stick to start HackInstaller

That is, to reiterate, I made this homebrew for fun because I’m entrin to learn LUA and I still have much to learn

In the next version, I’ll try to bring the internet to be able to download everything on a server, because in these conditions, it really takes the place and I also plan to put the 6.20PRO-B7 in place of the PRO-B6

HackInstaller PSPGo 7g,9g =

HackInstaller for PSPGo =

HackInstaller for PSP1000,2000,3000 =


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14/06/2011 05:48 PM
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