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PSP Easy Wireless Controller v1.1 Released
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PSP Easy Wireless Controller v1.1 Released
[Image: 294o5g8.png]

This news is a little old, but I never noticed this when the update was released, and this is a great plugin!   So I thought it should be posted here at the void.  

Quote:So, the news: As before, this homebrew allows you to send keypresses to your computer without any configuration. That is, you can use your PSP as a wireless joystick to play games on your PC without any kind of configuration. All you have to do is run the server on the computer and start the homebrew on your PSP. Right now, there is support for 2 PSPs and I added controls for VLC Media Player and Winamp. And I also rewrote the user interface (pics on the blog) and most of the server. Further info on PSP Easy Wireless Controller

changelog for v.1.1 (Client + Unix v.0.1 Python Server)

- New server! I wrote a server in python to run under Unix systems! It uses the python Xlib, which is included. The new files are under the PC/unix/ folder. The server listens for intructions in two modes:
Keypad #1 will send regular keyboard inputs;
Keypad #2 will send mouse events. The analog stick controls the pointer
position and the R and L-Trigger send the right and left mouse button presses.
Holding Select while in Keypad #2 will increase the speed of the pointer.

- The way to input the server's IP on the PSP has changed. It's a little smarter now.
- Now Start + Select will change the mode, not just Select. This way you can use Select as a button too.

You can visit the project homepage: HERE

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06/05/2011 08:54 AM
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RE: PSP Easy Wireless Controller v1.1 Released
Didn't know either.
06/05/2011 09:36 AM
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RE: PSP Easy Wireless Controller v1.1 Released
doesn't work for me on 6.20 pro b5 or 6.20 tn-e. :(
says its connected and all but pressing buttons doesn't do anything to VLC nor can i assign buttons to it like a gamepad. :(

lol. +rep me if you are awesome. or if u liked this thread/post. :)
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06/05/2011 07:41 PM
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