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joysens_for_6XX by neuron
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joysens_for_6XX by neuron
joysens_for_6XX by neuron
[Image: 1290451007_2679524822_94c85df892_o.jpg]
Raphael's JoySens allows custom sensitivity control over the PSP's analog stick, and more... Adjust the sensitivity levels to your own personal preference. Details inside the Readme.

How to install

Just unzip the archive to your memory stick root. You may delete the Readme.txt and FAQ.txt if you so want.

Hard reboot your PSP into recovery menu (hold R Trigger during startup) or start from VSH if you have the proper
recovery menu plugin installed and enable the joysens or joysens_lite plugin. Done.

If you get a message about overwriting a .txt file (you already have other plugins installed) tell not to
overwrite and manually edit the following files in your ms0:/SEPLUGINS/ folder by appending the line
'ms0:/SEPLUGINS/joysens.prx' and/or 'ms0:/SEPLUGINS/joysens_lite.prx' (without quotes):
- game.txt for UMD games and homebrew loaded from GAMEyxx folder (or GAME folder in y.xx kernel mode)
- game150.txt for homebrew loaded from the GAME150 folder (or GAME folder in 1.5 kernel mode)
- pops.txt for games played with POPS
- vsh.txt for VSH/XMB

If you're running 3.71 custom firmware you're pretty much out of luck - the plugin will only work with 1.5 kernel addon
in game150 mode. Upgrade to a newer custom firmware ≥ 3.80, which includes a NID mapper, that allows
plugins to work no matter if function NIDs were changed in the official firmware.

thanks raphael for the joysens
thanks neUron for making this also on 6.XX

download link:

click me

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RE: joysens_for_6XX by neuron
Ilike it..very useful plugin.

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22/03/2011 06:25 AM
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RE: joysens_for_6XX by neuron
joysens saved me awhile ago. Its a great plugin.

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