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(Release) PsPlugin Manager V 1.5
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(Release) PsPlugin Manager V 1.5
[Image: sfdu8j.png]

Here it is PsPlugin Manager V 1.5!


This program allows you to easily all the top best plugins out
there. It also allows you to edit the plugins that have config
files such as noobs Dayiewer from within the program so there
is no need to go in and manually edit the text files. It also
allows you to easily install and uninstall Torch's Lock XMB.
Which now supports phat and slim models and all plugins work on
all firmwares up to 5.00 M33-6 definitly but should also work
on 5.50 GEN.

NEW UPDATES: If a plugin or choice is reliant on different psp types (Such
as Phat or Slim) The program automatically reads it and installs the
specified version.

Also reads if you are running the program VIA HEN and if the one you
are trying to install (Such as LOCK XMB) The program will not let it
install. In other words security measures have been taken to protect
Users with psp's running HEN!

I hope you all enjoy this program!

Installation is simple.
Just place the psplugin manager folder in your Game folder

Also if you want to know what a plugin does or how to
operate it just press select while you have the desired
plugin highlighted!

There are many plugins within this program that have been
made by many talented and creative developers and credit
and thanks goes to all of them!!!



08/07/2009 07:52 PM
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