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Despertar del Cementerio v8 & Hellcats v1.5 battery maker
Updated to install 5.00 M33-4
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Despertar del Cementerio v8 & Hellcats v1.5 battery maker
ok,. you only want DC8(pandore to install 5.00m33-4)
a complete package to download, works on SLIM&fat:
  • DC8
  • H E L L C A T s   R e c o v e r y   F l a s h e r 1.5
  • 500.PBP

  • copy the ms0 contents to memorystick
  • run DC8
  • run H E L L C A T s   R e c o v e r y   F l a s h e r 1.5 to make Pandora battery(last option in list)
  • reset PSP and hold button you selected to start DC8 menu

    [Image: 3117489493_5bf9659624.jpg?v=0]


    Spoiler for readme DC8:
    Quote:Changes in version 8

    - Updated to 5.00 M33-4


    - DC  iplloader doesn't require to mspformat the memory stick.
    However, in some memory stick it may still be necessary.
    Just run the program and if you find an error at 99%, run mspformat and try again.

    - Copy DC8 to PSP/GAME/

    - Download Sony 5.00 update eboot and copy it to ms rootwith the name 500.PBP

    - If you have a PTF custom theme set, quit it before running the program.

    - Use the app under a 3.x+ kernel. The program may not work in versions prior to 3.03 OE.

    - IF timemachine is installed in this memory stick, the program will ask you at the end which button(s) you want to boot DC7, otherwise no buttons will be necessary.

    - Now you have a pandora ms ready to go, and you just need a proper
    battery. If you have 1.50 kernel access, use c+d tool. Otherwise, use corly149 tool.


    - Select the desired option in the menu (Install 5.00 M33, Install 5.00 OFW, etc)

    - Nand operations» nand restore currently performs a physical nand dump

    This proccess is very dangerous, and you should *just* use it if it's your
    last chance to get it working.

    This is a physical restore process (not a logical one), and will try to make
    a 100% exact clon of the dump.

    If you are working with a dump that isn't yours, you will get either a brick
    or a corrupt idstorage, depending on the firmware.

    If while you are restoring your psp have got any damaged block more than
    when you dumped it, you might also get a brick, depending on what block is it.
    If you want to boot the recovery mode of the 5.00 M33 of the memory stick, boot
    the psp with R+the key used to boot DC7 (if any).

    - Lflash format (in nand operations menu)

    This function performs a physical format of the lflash, creates the 4 partitions again, with the
    user desired sizes (by default, they are set to the default of that system), and then performs
    a logical format of the 4 partitions.

    This function allows to fix some errors that appear in 5.00 M33 installation: Error assigning flashX, psp not booting after installing 5.00 M33, etc.

    It is also useful for fat users that want to make flash0 bigger by making the other partitions smaller.

    Note: the sizes shown in the menu refer to the size of the physical partition. The size of the
    logical partition maybe a bit smaller.

    No need to say that this operations deletes current content of flash. After lflash format, the
    flash is empty, you need to install 5.00 M33/OFW.

    - Create new idstorage (in nand operations menu, idstorage tools)

    This function destroys the current idstorage (if any), and creates a new one.
    It is useful when your idstorage has been corrupted and you didn't have a backup like hapenned to me with one psp :)

    Keys restore: common keys, and for first time region/openpsid/dnas/certificate keys and umd keys.

    What will and won't work after this?

    UMD: yes.
    Set time via internet (DNAS): yes
    adhoc: not tested, but hopefully it will work
    psn games: not tested but it should work. However your current bought games will not work, as your psp will be identified as a new device.
    usb: yes, your psp and ps3 will detect it as a new device because the psp identifier (psid) has changed.
    magicgate (drm videos/audio): it has not been tested, but it should NOT work, as a way to generate magicgates keys (0x10-0x13) has not been found (yet).

    First step: select a region for your new idstorage. If your region is not there, just select
    whatever one, also if it is there, you can select another one if you want :)
    The region affects also umd videos/audios.

    Second step (optional): Press enter button to find real mac address (wifi switch must be on).
    If this step fails, then just press » to continue and a random mac will be generated (in this case after idstorage creation, shutdown the psp, restart DC and goto idstorage tools » fix mac, this time it should work unless there is a hardware problem).

    Last step is to press enter, and your new idstorage will be created.

    - Change region ((in nand operations menu, idstorage tools)

    This allows to change the region of the psp and the umd drive. After this, your psp will be able to play umd's of other region.
    As a side effect, your psp will be identified as a new device, so you'll have to download/buy
    psn games again, configure ps3 remote control again, etc.


    Note: If you are gonna use the memory stick to restore a psp other than the one that created it,
    check if the file /TM/DC7/act.dat exists in the ms. If it exists, remove it, otherwise the restored psp may not be able to buy psn games until the user doesn't delete from flash2 the act.dat of the other psp. (act.dat files are unique for each psp).

    Note that act.dat will be restored to the moment of the MS creation.
    If you have bought other PSN game later, the act.dat file may have changed and if you restore the old one, you may loose the latest bought game.
    Backup flash2:/act.dat each time after you buy something from the PSN!

    Third party libraries

    This program uses intraFont by BenHur to render firmware fonts.
    intraFont modified code has been compiled in a separated prx, and its source
    and the original license can be found in intrafont directory.

    [Image: fa4j60.gif]
    Spoiler for Readme Hellcats v1.5:
    Quote:   H E L L C A T s   R e c o v e r y   F l a s h e r
       * recover semi-bricks * up-/downgrade your CFW *
       * flash *ANY* CFW directely to almost any other *
       * backup/restore firmware flash (not NAND dump) *
       * make and restore NAND dumps *
        >> all without Pandora <<
        see bottom of this file for how to leave feedback
        or contact info

    What is this? And why?

    Short version:
    - Flashes a fresh M33 CFW (everyone from 3.71 up)
      for recovering semi-bricks or to up-/downgrade CFW
    - does not use Pandora, runns from the recovery menu or the XMB
    - does not use (as in launch) the original Sony Updater (only extracts
      all required files from the original .PBP)
    - runns fine on CFWs lower than 3.52-M33-3 - handy for upgrading older
      FWs without the "need to go 3.52, then 3.52-3, then higher" odyssey :-)
    - runns fine from TimeMachine (3.40-OE on Fat and 3.60-M33 on Slim)
    - can backup the FW flash and restore selected parts (XMB theme,
      settings, PSN activation, complete firmware)
    - can make and restore full NAND dumps

    Pandora Support

    Since version 1.20 the recovery flasher also comes with an .ELF binary
    that can be used from a DDC Pandora stick, so you can use the CFW
    flashing functions of it from a Pandora boot.

    Since version 1.50 it also comes with a resurrection.prx replacement
    for use on DDCv7.

    For details on how to install and use it, see the readme in the
    Pandora folder of this archive.

    Long version: :)
    Back in the 1.50 based CFW days (up to 3.52-M33) the option "Launch
    EBOOT at /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/" was a very handy thing for recovering
    semi-bricks or downgrading your PSP - in short, to repair or
    completely re-flash your PSP.

    Since the 3.xx (or higher) based CFWs this option became obsolete due
    to missing apps that could run and do their job from there.

    Here comes the rescue ;-)

    Designed as a native 3.xx+ app, to run from the recovery menu's option
    from recent CFWs on Fat and Slim PSPs - however, you can perfectly run it
    from the XMB as well.
    On 1.50 based CFWs (3.52 and lower) you must run it from the XMB,
    since the recovery menu on those CFWs launches the EBOOT in 1.50 kernel,
    but it uses systen calls not available from there.

    You can perform the following actions:

    - Flash a fresh 3.71-M33-2 to recover a semi-brick or to downgrade.
    - Make a backup of all FW related flash content (filewise, flash0-3,
    i.e. FW, settings, PSN store activation, e.t.c., it's not a NAND dump!)
    - Restore various parts of the FW flash (VSH/XMB theme, settings, PSN
    store activation....)

    When installing a fresh CFW you can choose to reset all settings as
    well, or to keep them if you know there's nothing wrong with them.
    So the recovered/downgraded PSP can still have all your settings! :-)

    All of theese functions also work from a 3.60 booted via TimeMachine!
    Even from a 3.40-OE.

    Why 3.71? Why not a lower or higher FW?

    One purpose of this app is to downgrade the CFW of the PSP.
    I define downgrading much as "go as low as you can" and 3.71 is the
    lowest firmware that runns on both PSPs, Fat and Slim.

    From there then, you have the freedom of upgrading to any other FW
    you desire - thus no higher one for this.

    *** Since 1.20 you can also flash 4.01-M33-2 :-)
    *** Since 1.40 you can also flash 5.00-M33 :-)
    *** Since 1.50 you can flash ANY CFW from 3.71 to 5.00
        plus OFW-1.50 on classic PSPs


    Painless and easy:
    Copy the RECOVERY folder from the archive to /PSP/GAME/ on your
    memstick, so that you get a /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/ folder containing the
    apps EBOOT on your stick.
    Now copy the official Sony 3.71, 4.01 and/or 5.00 Update EBOOT, renamed
    as 371.PBP (401.PBP, 500.PBP), into the RECOVERY folder as well, or into the
    memsticks root folder.

    The Recovery Flasher will first look for the updater .PBPs in it's
    own folder, if it doesn't find them there, it'll look at the
    memsticks root folder and use the files from there if they exist.
    That eay you can use already existing .PBPs you have (for DDC or
    whatever) for the Recovery Flasher as well.

    *** NOTE ***
    The Recovery Flasher MUST be installed in /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY!
    Do not rename it's folder or it will fail loading!
    If you have other apps you like to use from the recovery menu, you
    can do so with Recovery Flasher's option "Launch another app" (see

    Done :-)


    After launching the app, either from the recovery menu or via the XMB
    you'll eventually get into the mainmenu.

    Everything should be pretty selfexplanatory, you can flash a new
    firmware, make a complete flash0 to flash2 backup or restore certain
    things from your backup.

    The option "Launch another app" will give you a list of the games/apps
    you have in /PSP/GAME on your memstick.
    You can then choose one and run it directely from Recovery Flasher.
    Usefull to use some other apps on semibricks when you can't use the
    XMB to launch them, or for those people who already have a preffered
    app they use from the recovery menu but want to install the Flasher
    as well.

    Restoring a complete firmware from a backup
    Since v1.30 you can restore a complete firmware from your flash backup.
    This can be almost any firmware you like and it doesn't matter what's
    currently installed on the PSP (current firmware and firmware to be
    installed can be different).
    It could be a FW not natively supported by Recovery Flasher or a
    premodded one, for example.
    You can even flash the backup of one PSP to another one!
    The signchecks, that usually prevent copying a flash0 between
    different PSPs, are removed during backup and recreated while restoring!

    REQUIREMENTS: There's only one tiny bit required in addition to your
    backup: The original updater .PBP of the firmware you are going to
    restore! Again, this can be either in the RECOVERY folder itself, or
    in the memstick root, with the usual renaming applied.
    The updater is required to load some special modules needed for
    initialising the flash for the firmware that's going to be flashed.

    Finally, take note that this is a bit more dangerous than installing
    a fresh FW since wee can't know what has been done to the files, and
    if some are damaged or even missing it can result in a brick - so always
    be cautious if using a backup from someone else!

    NOTE: For restoring a 3.60-M33 on the Slim, use the 3.52 updater (352.PBP)

    Backup Folders
    Since v1.30 you can also have multiple backups at once.
    When making a backup you have the coice of overwriting an existing one
    or creating a new one. When creating a new one, folders will be named
    like "Backup_001", "Backup_002" and so forth.
    You are then free to rename those folders to whatever you like to give
    them more descriptive names for what's in there.
    Recovery Flasher will show the renamed folders with no problems and
    you can then use them to restore or save new backups in there.

    You can also create folder with propper names before making a backup
    and then "fill" the backup into them.

    The backup folders are located in ms0:/flash_backup/

    Caching the special updater .PRX modules
    Since 1.40 there is the option to cache the special modules required
    for propper flash access during fresh install or a full restore.
    What does this mean and do?
    Usually you need the updater .PBP of any firmware you might want to
    restore to be sitting on your memstick, taking up space.
    If you only need those .PBPs for firmware restore you can have
    Recovery Flasher copy the special modules required to some other
    place on the memstick and delete the .PBP afterwards - freeing up
    valuable space on your stick.
    If the required modules are cached, Recovery Flasher will detect this
    and load the modules directely from it's cache instead of trying to
    extract them.

    So the benefit is to save some space if you would only use the updater
    .PBPs for full firmware restores.
    For a fresh install it only saves a bit of time, since it doesn't need
    to extract those modules (but you need the .PBP anyway for having
    the FW extracted ;-))

    Installing fresh 1.50 on classic (Fat) PSPs
    Installing a fresh 1.50 on a classic PSP takes two steps to reach the
    First, select the function from the main menu.
    This will not touch the PSP yet! This will create a new backup set and
    extract the firmware from the 150.PBP into it.
    Once that's finished, select " Restore complete firmware from backup"
    from the mainmenu and choose the "OFW_1.50" backup the first step has

    --- Advanced Mode - What and Why? ---
    One of the main goals I wanted to achieve with this tool is Newb-
    Friendlieness and Newb-Proofeness.
    But during the evolution of Recover Flasher more experienced users
    started asking for functions.
    Due to the nature of some functions requested by those experienced
    users, they may cause harm only fixable by Pandora - remember, this is
    for NOT needing a Pandora!
    So, for satisfying both, I introduced the "Advanced Mode" in 1.50.
    The more dangerous options are completely hidden in normal mode to
    keep the not so experienced users from causing any harm to their PSP,
    but the ones knowing what they are doing and knowing how to undo it if
    it didn't work out, can still enable Advanced Mode and use those
    fumctions for their needs.

    Advanced Mode - How?
    To enable advanced mode hold L+R+SELECT while Recovery Flasher is
    loading (while it shows the "loading...." prompt).
    You will be asked to confirm your choice eventually. If you do
    confirm, Recovery Flasher will start in Advanced Mode and you should
    see the additional options.

    Advanced Mode - The Advancements?
    Here's a short breakdown of the additional functions:
    (I won't go much into detail here, the people supposed to use theese
    should already know what's up - if you don't, then this is not for
    you, sorry!)

    Do NOT try ANY of the following functions "out of curiosity" unless
    you know what you're doing and you know how to fix it!
    EVERY ONE of this functions has the potential the kill your PSP!

    OK, finally, here wee go:

    - Install selected FW version as original firmware:
    The firmware, of the version selected at the very first menu option,
    will be installed as ORIGINAL Sony firmware! NOT as CFW!
    Meaning: No homebrew, no easy down-/crossgrade, no nothing!
    But Sony will be proud of you :-p
    (settings will get formatted with this!)

    - Restore LFlash from dump to NAND:
    Will write the complete area of a NAND dump containing the flashX:/
    volumes back into the NAND. Nothing else is touched.
    WILL brick if the firmware contained in the dump does not match the
    installed IPL!

    - Restore IPL from NAND dump:
    Will write the IPL, and the IPL only, from the dump back to the NAND.
    WILL brick if flashed IPL does not match installed firmware!

    What else?

    Well, that's pretty much it.

    Here's some additional credits that should be noted:

    - PSAR extraction is based on the M33 NEWPSARDumper - with lots of
    modifications though.... (libpsardumper.prx and pspdecrypt.prx are
    used for the actual extraction and crypto parts)

    - IPL flashing routines are currently by DAX (iplupdate.prx)
    (planning on getting my own code working for that part....)

    - I have to thank the following people VERY MUCH for their hints, help
    and patient answers to all my questions - without those, the creation
    of this program would have taken a year longer (or two ;-)):
    * JumpR * cory1492 * jas0nuk * all the other devs on LAN.ST *

    I hope you enjoy using this as much as I did making it :-)

    Leave comments, bug reports, or whatever in the release threads at
    - forums
    - forums
    - forums

    or join me on IRC:  #Hellcat  #sceners-en #sceners-de

    If you feel like supporting the PSP development a bit, maybe go here:

    This program has been tested by myself to successfully flash
    a fresh 3.71-M33-4, 4.01-M33-2, 5.00-M33 on the following setups:
    (3.80-M33 and 3.90-M33 have also been tested, though not on ALL theese
    setups ;) )

    3.02-OE *) on Fat PSP
    3.40-OE    via TimeMachine on Fat PSP
    3.60-M33   via TimeMachine on Slim PSP
    3.71-M33   on Fat and Slim PSP
    4.01-M33   on Fat and Slim PSP
    4.01-M33   started via DDCv6 (kinda pointless to install a 4.01 then,
               but hey, can't hurt to try ;))
    1.50       on Fat PSP, using the 1.50 build of the flasher

    *) Note: On lower CFWs (early OEs, mostly) you may get warnings during
             3.71 installation regaring assignments of flash1:
             This is normal under theese FW versions, no need to worry.
             The program will disable formatting flash1 in that case, so
             everything should be fine.

    So long! :-)
    ---==> HELLCAT ≤=---

    Complete pandora package to install 5.00m33-4 :
    Download here

    DC8 only:

    .zip (Size: 915.42 KB / Downloads: 649)
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    RE: Despertar del Cementerio v8
    finally i have been waithing for this :D

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    RE: Despertar del Cementerio v8
    yay same here
    18/12/2008 08:19 AM
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    RE: Despertar del Cementerio v8
    and me too! ;p

    Make loads of $$!! it wurks!!
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    RE: Despertar del Cementerio v8
    ive been using a mod for dc7 that adds a 5.00 menu that works well...but i will gladly change to this for it being 'official'

    too bad it doesn't fix the newest slim psp2000 motherboard incompatability  :(  My buddy just bought one and wee were sad to see the green light an dnothing on the screen when i tried to despertar it to m33 firmware :(

    limneosgreen Wrote:Take my advice, don't try to install custom themes ... it's possible to brick ur psp.. why just don't change wallpaper
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    RE: Despertar del Cementerio v8
    matchung Wrote:nothing special。。

    What you mean "nothing special".

    Hell wrong with you.

    Whatever saves me time in the hacking process is special enough.

    Of course I'm only kidding. :P

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    Because pirates even pirate free stuff.

    Important. Lol.
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    RE: Despertar del Cementerio v8
    Cool, thanks for the news.
    18/12/2008 06:52 PM
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    RE: Despertar del Cementerio v8
    great news,thanks man !

    Check out my apps Here
    19/12/2008 05:44 AM
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    RE: Despertar del Cementerio v8
    So anyone know which version of 5.00m33 this installs?
    19/12/2008 06:42 AM
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    RE: Despertar del Cementerio v8

    Make loads of $$!! it wurks!!
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