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[Release] VertiGo! XMB CTF Theme 3.90m33
Yeah get it while its hot
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[Release] VertiGo! XMB CTF Theme 3.90m33
Conceptualized by Ibawanzingee and made a reality by myself.

CTF reuploaded with standard 2.5 second gameboot length
Flash0 version reuploaded with compressed prx and 2.5 second gameboot length

[Image: vertigobannerjq4kg8.png]
Source: YouTube

Enjoy another right sided browser :)
Spoiler for readme:
ibawanzingee Wrote:ibawanzingee: Concept, design, layout, main icons/battery graphics, some of the hexing.

SchmilK: All the difficult stuff. I.e., MAJOR .prx work, and getting the 24bit MS Paint graphics
working through RCOedit and on the PSP. Complex surgical procedures, in the end, using
RCOedit 1.14b to get the battery to work, and some graphical text work on the main icons.

dHAPPY: Photo/Game folders/Volume Bar - I couldn't think of anything better; these are perfect!

h901: Clicking sounds from SideXMB

Undertaxxx: Loading icon

Follower: Help with some offsets while I learn to hex a bit better.

lilfree: Beta testing

Nicodemus82: Beta Testing

Madsoul and others: The wallpapers. (Sorry, I can't remember where all these wallpapers came from.)

Download it!

Thank you for downloading! Theme could not have been made without SchmilK - don't forget that! :D He's a magic man!

Attached File(s)
.rar  Vertigo!ctf.rar (Size: 2.22 MB / Downloads: 924)
.rar  VertiGO!Flash0.rar (Size: 3.15 MB / Downloads: 579)

limneosgreen Wrote:Take my advice, don't try to install custom themes ... it's possible to brick ur psp.. why just don't change wallpaper
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06/04/2008 06:56 AM
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