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Curtain Call Brawl [5.00M33 CTF Release]
Weaves with another centered theme.
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Wink Curtain Call Brawl [5.00M33 CTF Release]
Something new...but old?
#5.00M33 FOREVER
[Image: blur.gif][Image: wooi2.gif][Image: itchingsmile.gif][Image: crybaby.gif][Image: ypeace.gif][Image: hero.gif][Image: adore.gif]
[Image: IeIhQX5.png]
Concept and Design:
BigDaddyWeaves AND to whoever made the "Large Original Icons" theme,
I once again used it as my base when building this. I love the style
and how everything is centered.

Huge shout out to AbyssWolf over at DeviantArt
It's where every character sprite came from.
The collection is very well done so I figured I'd use them,
granted I didn't ask permission. But hell, I'm already done
so this will have to do.

The Pitfall item icon that's displayed only shows up if you have the custom home screen hack installed on your PSP

Edit 08/02/2020 - This theme is currently under construction.
The new version will feature all the sprites in this release but will be black and white
and most likely smaller. I will do my best to make the remake just as attractive.

Please give it a try.
[Image: try.gif]

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.ctf  Curtain Call Brawl.ctf (Size: 6.37 MB / Downloads: 2461)

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