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Bash coming to Windows (Officially)
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RE: Bash coming to Windows (Officially)
This is cool, but I'm not going to get excited until microsoft fixes the other issues with their kernel, first, they need to support more than fudgeing 3 filesystems, its 2016, come out of the dark ages. Second, they need to seriously trim down their OS, there is no reason it should be >8gb. Of course with bash support, wee may get proper display servers, like wayland, or (dare I say it) even X11, and have /good/ window managers that don't work against you. It's exciting that there is a proper package manager now, and I'll go ahead and not mention the UI disaster that W10 is, or forced updates, or telemetry, or the built-in always-allowed-fudge-the-hosts-file hosts, or the separation of so many things that just should be in the same menu, or the fact that they still have 98 icons; To point out that it would be great if wee were able to get GTK themes, or any theme system that doesn't require a 3rd party patch to the theme engine to install.

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