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[Release] StratosTheme R3 for 6.20 and 6.39
based on 3rd birthday
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[Release] StratosTheme R3 for 6.20 and 6.39
[Image: banner.jpg]

Hello, this is my first time in making a CTF theme.
This theme is based on Patpat's 3rd Birthday theme, mixed with stuff from other themes (cursor button and sound from Kara no Kyoukai, font from Moze Red, busy page animation from Slanty Shanty) and also uses images from Infinite Stratos. Some few other things are made by me.

Credits and Thanks :

- Patpat (for CTF GUI, cxmb, and the themes -3rd birthday and kara no kyoukai)
- WoobiE (for Slanty Shanty and xml animation tutorial)
- Adr!an (for Moze Red theme)
- Izuru Yumizuru (the author of Infinite Stratos)
- Mr. Shizzy (for helping me with everything i needed in making this)
- ZiNgA BuRgA (for RCOeditor & RCOmage)
- TSENEDA (for simple base theme thread)
- Vegetano1 (for making power tools and smooth scrolling thread)
- junKie (for helping me)
- to everyone who helped those people above in this scene
- to all themers and theme-related dev
- to all my friends who supported me

- bg transition is a bit faster
- smoother edges of 8 bit transparent PNGs

.rar  Stratos_Theme_R3.620.rar (Size: 2.72 MB / Downloads: 2505)

.rar  StratosThemeR3.639.rar (Size: 2.73 MB / Downloads: 3136)

- Special thanks to TSENEDA  for helping me in the R2
- also thanks to opiomorph, drake777, and trainzell for testing 5.XX version

.7z  StratosThemeR2.635.7z (Size: 2.64 MB / Downloads: 1763)

.rar  StratosThemeR2.550.rar (Size: 2.58 MB / Downloads: 1541)

.rar  StratosThemeR2.500.rar (Size: 2.61 MB / Downloads: 854)

Quote:Changelog R2 :
- changed the animation on information tab (on picture, music, video, and game menu) which was still 3rd birthday's
- fixed some pictures and shadow on main background (there were 2 little white stripes on houki's hair and the char's shadow was barely can be seen)
- for 5.XX version (sorry) i removed character's shadow to free up some resources since some people complained about 3 missing icons. well it worked perfectly for some others, but i want this theme to work well on all psp.


.7z  StratosTheme.635.7z (Size: 2.64 MB / Downloads: 1778)

.zip (Size: 3.16 MB / Downloads: 1382) converted by SonicTheHedgehog

.7z  StratosTheme.550.7z (Size: 2.56 MB / Downloads: 1028) (TV icon included)

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31/03/2011 09:43 PM
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