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Full Version: Watcha Listening to Right Now!!!
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Burning Tell me NOW! Fromabove
Write the track name, band/composer etc and style in that order!!
Me is listening to The Chariot - The Cat Empire - Ska
Privilege - Incubus - make yourself album - alt.
My computer ventilation system is REALLY LOUD.
Sparker Wrote:My computer ventilation system is REALLY LOUD.

WOW beautiful sound. . . I wish my PC was like that.
X Japan - I.V. [WIN!]
Im not Ahh
My MP3 is dead and theres no music at the college Ahh
daft punk
Dir En Grey - Merciless Cult
Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith - Hard Rock
HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR - Enrai Tooku ni Aru Akari - Jpop/rock (dunno)
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